View Full Version : Long time Concerta user - recently heart palpitations

12-16-16, 03:08 PM
I am 38 years old. I've been taking concerta for about 8 years, it has been revolutionary for me in both my work and personal life. I am prescribed two 36mg pills per day, so I can choose to take both in the morning, or one in the afternoon.

Recently I got a minor cold, very high pressure sinus situation. As I normally do, I take Muscinex D (the kind with sudafed in it). Aside from a sometimes noticable higher heart rate, I have never had any other side effects.

About a week go, just a day or so into my cold, I started to feel what I now know to be PVC (premature ventricular contractions). I went to the doctor and my ECG came back fine, and they said to let them know how I felt when the cold was gone. I am not sure if it is just the combination of stimulants that made me aware of PVCs that I was always having, or if they are new.

I also take Paxil for anxiety, so mixing my general anxiety in the mix here, has me concerned, worried, annoyed, and overall just hoping that the Concerta is not the cause of these. However when I do not take the concerta for a few hours in the morning, I do not notice the PVCs.

Traditionally I am not sensitive to stimulants, I can drink a latte, and go to bed. There have been times when I have been super stressed, taking my concerta, musinex, and drinking coffee. I have never noticed any PVCs.

Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation.

12-22-16, 08:11 PM
Last week I was having severe heart pain so I went to urgent care. Eventually they did an EKG, decided I was probably fine, and told me just to take anacid. It's helped, but it's still worying me. I've been on concerta for about 4 months, but this just started.

Little Missy
12-23-16, 11:14 AM
The D is dextromethorphan and that may have been the culprit for the OP.