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12-18-16, 03:54 AM
Hey Guys,
Looking for a bit of help here.

I'm a 24 Male, diagnosed last year (ADHD-PI) and I was put onto medication immediately.
The medication has helped quite a bit, but it also resulted in a year of alot of self reflection, deep depression and life coming to a bit of a halt.

I've only started getting back into getting my life rolling again,
and it's become evident to me that there are alot of personal qualities and characteristics that are tied to my ADD and I need help understanding them/coming to terms with the many years of being undiagnosed - so it's time to see a psychologist and discuss all this.

I'm looking for anyone who knows or has had a good experience with an ADHD psychologist in Perth?

Look forward to hearing from ya!:grouphug:

12-18-16, 05:31 AM
I dont have any UK references but I think you should see a psychiatrist first. They tend to have more experience with adhd and are able to prescribe medication if you need it.

12-23-16, 11:11 PM
Hey there! I'd suggest contacting the main ADD/ADHD support group in your state.

They should know a few people.

We don't have many active members from Perth ATM sadly.