View Full Version : How long would be good enough to lower tolerance from Vyvanse?

12-19-16, 03:58 PM
I know breaks really help with lowering tolerance but how long be good enough for lowering it? Would be 2 weeks be enough or do I need to wait longer? I asked my doctor about it and I didn't get the answer I was looking for. She doesn't believe that you can get tolerance from vyvanse.

12-19-16, 06:26 PM
Tolerance you need for your adjustment to get rid off euphoria. That means your body tolerates it and your brain got used to it.

Do you have a lack of sleep, magnesium, water?

Longer than one week lasting breaks dont lower any tolerance but are good to have a look on your own condition using the meds.

My body dont like to be abused by amphetamines longer than one month so I must have a repetitive break after 2 months max.