View Full Version : Adderall and Buspar

12-19-16, 10:52 PM
Hi guys!

Just got prescribed a new med combo and kinda want to know what to expect.

I was on Adderall before (40mg a day) and it worked but made my body feel gross. Has anyone ever taken Adderall and Buspar together? Was it helpful? I also have social anxiety and autism so not sure if that will play a role in the effectiveness of this combo.

Thanks in advance!

12-20-16, 06:21 AM
I have been on adderall for many years and buspar for about 1.5 years. I think it works ok, but its very subtle and takes awhile for you to notice anything. After a few months I felt better able to "manage" the anxiety or at least I didnt feel as conquered by it. At first I expected miracles like how I felt with a benzo. Then I remembered that buspar is for sort of anxiety management- not to treat panic attacks or acute anxiety. Once I remembered that I was able to notice the small benefits.

12-20-16, 01:36 PM
About as safe as adderall and cookies lol. I've been on benzos for over 15 years and every once in awhile they try to get me to try an alternative. I tried Buspar for 3 months, and also read the reviews and clinical studies and tests about it. I was amazed that Buspar only did slightly better then the placebo. The worse results I have seen of any med I ever researched. So I asked my pdoc if he would like me to try the placebo next as it would be cheaper and have about the same effect on me lol.