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12-21-16, 01:57 AM
Since I was diagnosed, I've basically been playing musical medication. This is a completely new world to me, as I don't deal with medicines very often. I can probably count the amount of medication/ pills I take in a year on two hands. I don't even take Tylenol/ Advil ect., so I imagine ADHD meds probably hit me harder than someone that normally takes meds. I have no scientific evidence to back that, and I could be completely wrong :p

I was started on 10 mg of generic Adderall XR, and I definitely felt it go to work! I got a euphoric feeling with it, but my focus and concentration was crazy! After about 30 mins of taking it, for about 5 mins it felt like a warm liquid was running down the middle of the left side of my head. I also made me pretty warm, and a little sweaty. Both the liquid feeling and the warm feeling only happened for the first two, and I haven't felt either again since. It made me slightly jittery and ready to go, but nothing too bad. The only issue though was it gave me mild stomach pains after taking it. I figured maybe I just needed to adjust to it, so I waited a day or two before trying another. The stomach pains were less the second time around, but still there. The more I took the Adderall, the longer the pains would last. So I was trying to go every other day or every other other day to keep the pains at bay, or at least to limit them. I took maybe 6 or so of them before going back to the doctor.

After talking to my doctor, he decided to put me on 5 mg of generic Ritalin twice a day. Well, originally it was 5 mg a day twice a day, then to be increased to 10 mg twice a day. When I first took a 5 mg, the stomach pains were a bit worse than with the Adderall. It went from mild, to more of a burn. On top of that, I didn't really notice any change in focus or concentration or anything else. My doctor told me to go ahead and try the 10 mg, and I got a euphoric effect from that, along with stomach irritation, but still no changes in concentration or focus. I went back to the Adderall XR, and for some reason, they seemed slightly less effective. Maybe I was just getting used to them.

Next, my doctor put me on generic Adderall IR 10 mg twice a day, to hopefully ease the stomach pains, since I could take as needed instead of having it in my body for the 8 hours, or however long the XR last. These things skyrocketed my sex drive, but didn't seem to give me the focus and concentration that I had on the Adderall XR. It didn't really do much to stop the stomach pains, either.

Recently, my doctor decided to put me on 2.5 mg of generic Focalin IR, twice a day. I took the first one, and nothing happened, so four hours later I took two for 5 mg, and noticed nothing. After speaking with my doctor, since the 2.5 and 5 mg attempts were unsuccessful, we decided to try 10 mg, which did nothing beyond making me feel extremely euphoric, and jittery. The only problem was, just like with the Ritalin, I noticed no increase in focus or concentration. I really wanted the Focalin to work, as it's been the first medication that hasn't bothered my stomach, but it doesn't look like it's going to.

So that's where I am as of current. I haven't had anything since trying the 10 mg of Focalin. Seems like the amp-salts is the only group producing any changes for me. Both products from the methylphendiate(sp) group have been useless, other than providing a euphoric effect. Maybe I'll just have to deal with the mild stomach pains. Maybe I was spoiled by my first Adderall pill, and am expecting too much! Seems like we're almost out of options! Anyone else just dealing with the stomach issues?