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12-21-16, 11:49 PM
Hello all!

Since my last post, I was finally diagnosed with ADD combined type (primarily impulsive and inattentive) along with co-morbid anxiety and depression.

Personally, I believe that the depression was caused by years of undiagnosed ADD. I was never able to build up any skills, hobbies, or interests due to my ADD symptoms. Since I really didn't have anything to boost my self-esteem coupled with being called a quitter or labeled lazy, I felt like I wasn't worth anything and didn't have any value. This resulted in me pretty much sectioning myself off from the world where I focused primarily on my school work. In any case, someone living that life would find themselves hard pressed not to become depressed and have poor self-esteem.

Anyways, before the confirmation I was put on various stimulant medication. All of them helped with my symptoms but I was frequently cut up in the nasty side effects. Two of the worst were the depression 3-4 hours after taking the medication and occasional panic attacks while on the medication.

Despite these being scary side-effects I continued treatment as I knew that I was actually making progress in my life and for the first time felt normal (i.e. my mind was no longer restless or buzzing with thoughts, its like someone turned the static off in my brain and I was able to function and concentrate on what was important).

However, after talking it over with my doctor we decided that Strattera 80mg a day would be a good option to try. I also asked if I can continue taking my current stimulant regimen along with the Strattera (Adderall 20mg 3 times a day seems to do the trick) and he said it should be fine.

Fast forward 2 weeks and I'm finally starting to notice some changes but only with my anxiety and depression.

I've noticed that I no longer have panic attacks while taking my Adderall and the crash/depression isn't that noticeable.

In your opinion, is it unheard of or, even worse, dangerous to be taking my current dose of Adderall and Strattera at the same time? I am an athletic 22 year old male with no history of heart/blood pressure issues.


12-22-16, 08:53 AM
I've heard of these medications being combined. It's done I order to improve the efficiency of medication.
I didn't know that it also lowered anxiety. Awesome

12-22-16, 01:54 PM
I can tell you that before I started taking adderall 3 months ago, I was taking klonopin for my anxiety for years. And it worked wonders for me, but I would still get social anxiety sometimes. After starting adderall, no social anxiety at all, more confident, can focus, pay attention better, less forgetful, I can actually remember peoples names I meet! I don't interrupt conversations or avoid them any more. It's wonderful!

I was originally concerned about the klonopin and adderall, I thought perehaps the klonopin would take away some of the effects of the adderall, but it doesn't. Both do what they are suppose to do and work well together. In fact in my case it practically wiped out all my social anxiety! I must be projecting a better person because I noticed more people I work with smiling and saying hi to me that never did before. I know it's not because my fly was unzipped, so it must be the meds :)

12-22-16, 03:22 PM
I don't know about strattera but I used to crash exactly 3-4h after taking my stimulant. What helped was to reduce the interval between doses or may be it just got better with time.

12-23-16, 05:36 AM
Strattera was first marketed as an antidepressant- thats why it was made- and they sort of discovered by accident that it worked for adhd. Once they did more studies and stuff they began to market it as the non-stimulant alternative for adhd.

It could be that its antidepressant qualities are why your doc wants you on both. Alot of us are on antidepressants and stimulants and they work well. This could be what your doc is thinking.