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12-23-16, 07:19 PM
I've been struggling lately to find people that I can have a deep meaningful conversation with. The subject can be anything. Political, philosophical, psychological, scientific, religious..... etc

If anybody has any topic of interest they would like to talk to somebody about, then send me a PM.

12-24-16, 12:55 PM
Do people not value meaningful conversations anymore? :(

12-24-16, 01:37 PM
Do people not value meaningful conversations anymore? :(

I certainly do. I will message you later tonight when I have more time.

12-24-16, 04:55 PM
I do enjoy a good debate but I'd prefer it on the open forum...or the debates section rather than pm.I'm very very bad at pm ing.

12-24-16, 05:09 PM
Most of what I find personally meaningful tends to shut others down when I bring it up, or totally turn them off as they have no real interest in hearing it, so I keep to myself more often than not.

I have one or two peeps I sit down and talk things over with, but even then, it gets tricky when the vibes are in totally different zones. Having space where each can remain in their zone yet respectfully and openly view the other is priceless, but we're human, and most don't operate like that.

Text hasn't proven to be a very effective way to try to communicate deeply, for me. I prefer face to face, but I'm also old school and don't do the skype and other high tech things that make that possible with those not in my immediate vicinity.

12-24-16, 08:31 PM
There are. I don't buy the argument that one side is more "logical" than the other. Everybody thinks that their own side is the correct side to be on and that the opposing side aren't clued up enough.

We live in a world where debate has been shut down. People are afraid to exchange ideas in the street, but are quick to get behind their keyboards and sling mud at one another without allowing themselves to be open to different ways of thinking.

The world is not in a healthy way right now.

Yes I agree rhat it's important to go into a debate or rather go through life knowing that you could fully be wrong. I never understood what was so great avout sticking to your opinion...once you realise your opinion is wrong or is not the only right opinion out therE.

However there are opinions that are less logical than others and I think it's important to acknowledge that sometimes two parties debating csn he equally right or equally wrong and sometimes it's impossible to know. However at other times there definitely are viewpoints that just dont make any sense....from any perspective apart from an ignorant illogical perspective.

12-24-16, 11:31 PM
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Hello everyone,
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I hope you all have a Merry Christmas Eve, and many deep conversations during this jolly time. :)

12-25-16, 12:18 AM
This song popped in my head when reading this thread:

12-26-16, 09:42 AM
When people are drunken they have the most deep and meaningful conversations (they think).

Conversations without words only by eyes are most deep and meaningful (I think).