View Full Version : Focalin or Vyvanse

12-10-16, 12:58 AM
I'm a single mother and we both live with my mother. I can't keep a job due to my ADD and a few other medical issues, but mainly ADD. If I could just get my ADD meds in check, I believe I could actually function like a normal human should. However, I can't find a doctor who is willing to help me get my ADD meds in check. They're all to afraid to prescribe me what I need. For 2 years I had to drive 2 hours once a month to a psychologist who helped the most and I was finally able to talk my primary physician into prescribing me the same thing so I didn't have to travel. Actually, the Psychologist had me on Adderall 20mg 3x's a day and 30mg in the morning (of which worked the best for me all around ) and my physician said he wouldn't prescribe that much. I had to change to Vyvanse 60mg. My problem is that, I have an extremely high tolerance to all medication and they wear off faster than they say they should. I don't push the issue to much or anymore in fear they will dismiss me and no longer prescribe my medicine. The Vyvanse wears off to fast and leaves me dead by lunch if i wake up at 7am. I don't take it just for ADD but also chronic fatigue and Multiple Sclerosis fatigue and the adverse effects it has on cognitive thinking. Im also nearly impossible to wake up in the morning. It takes me over an hour to wake up enough to roll out of bed. Thats why the adittional 30 mg was prescribed for mornings. I need help on how to talk to the doctor and show that I am not alone. That there are others who need a secondary help during the day. The one 60mg xr just doesn't cut it.