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12-26-16, 03:45 PM
Hi, I believe my 9 year old son has ADHD, his behaviour is challenging at best and getting worse, he has serious anger issues as well, I just wondered if anyone could tell me the symptoms or behaviour of their children that made them think something was not quite right, I just don't know what to do, many thanks.

12-26-16, 06:23 PM
The right dr support, I'm sure you would know if their behaviours where irrational.

12-27-16, 12:18 AM
An emotional reward system gives hints. Think about completion of tasks. If there a very few in his / their life.... This would be a key cue. Short term, With the anger... do your best to see past it to the underlying drivers.... find new ways to offset them that are not visible. It's a long road... and support including professional input are really the clearest way forwards for you both.

12-27-16, 06:29 AM
Read my sticky in children's diagnosis. Its not perfect but its a good overview of my experience.