View Full Version : Could Adderall have been less effective because of my anxiety/depression?

12-28-16, 02:36 PM
I have been on 10mg Adderall IR one month, 20mg IR second month, and Concerta 36mg Extended Release last month.

I asked the Doctor IF it could be that my anxiety is causing my ADD symptoms and if there was something that controlled all three problems.
He said not all three, but anxiety and depression yes.
So I'm on 10mg of Lexapro to see if this would boost my mood.

However, as a kid, ever since 1st grade, I have had obvious ADD symptoms.
Always always always fell behind in school even though I'm very smart.
I always failed to stay on task and continue to focus.
I was always somewhere else.
People even thought I couldn't read being the problem... but they tested me and I read better than most of my other students.

So I definitely know I have this ADD symptoms as a child no doubt.
Adderall didn't work for me.
It gave me energy...
I just don't feel like it did what everyone says it does.
I did get some things done... but I feel like it was my will that made that happen.
If it worked, it just didn't work long enough...

I want to ride this Lexapro out and then find something to manage my ADD since it is still affecting me pretty much.

What do you recommend?
Could it be that Adderall should have worked, but was less effective because of the anxiety and depression?
This is my 2nd day on Lexapro.
I know not to expect anything yet lol.

I'm just wondering what else to try before the Doctor gives up.

We did not try Vyvanse yet. I'm not sure why.

Little Nut
12-28-16, 03:50 PM
rowebil, have you been diagnosed with depression by your Doc? In general, unless there is rationale to prioritize differently, the depression is treated before the ADHD.

12-29-16, 07:43 AM
If your doc told you adhd cant be responsible for your depression and anxiety then he is wrong- it can. You can also have all three: adhd. depression and anxiety. Sometimes this clears up with adhd treatment- like stimulants but you say they havent done it for you. I agree with the above poster- have you been diagnosed with anything else? It is common to be treated for both with more than one medication.