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12-30-16, 07:07 PM
Hello everyone.

I don't know where to start, and feel very overwhelmed.

I've been waiting 9 months for a referral to ADHD Clinic and have just received a questionnaire to complete. It's from Wakefield West

To cut a long story short, I'm 41 and without realising, I've had many many symptoms of inattentive ADHD for many many years.

Would you believe I've been through 15 x rounds of ECT to try and 'cure' my depression/anxiety/agitation. To no avail.

I have literally hundreds of examples of ADHD type symptoms, and I feel this questionnaire is the start of possibly the most important part of my life. I WANT TO WRITE A LETTER, to the psych. I will be seeing.

I just don't know where to start. I'm PETRIEIFED it's going to be missed, and/or they'll just say depression!

I've never been as calm in my life as when I took speed once as a teenager :-(

I'm just going through a divorce too, I'm out of work, I CANNOT seem to do anything...this post is kind of a spurt of activity that I'm driven to rush through and post. I'm so irritable and inner unrest...agitation type feelings...can't plan or execute anything at all!

I've struggled all my life, hiding behind my intelligence and self control, but always KNOWN something isn't right.

The thing is, they've confirmed I'm not 'mentally ill' in any way (bi polar, etc) and I'm classed as TRD.

I just don't know what to do to get going, make most of the appointment, and somehow get a trial of Ritalin.....I KNOW my problem is dopamine related because whenever I've had stimulants I've been so much more well it's untrue :-(

I beg someone can help me please - my life is totally stood still now - I've broken down and stopped...ended up abusing codeine as it helped, as did other things...

I just want to splurge all my symptoms out but someone to help me sift through how to organise and expand on them in a way that is lucid and substantial.


Ps. I'm not in any danger, i.e. Suicidal or anything - my feelings of depression are more like exasperation and total and utter dread due to my symptoms...

Totally lost.

I'd really really really appreciate someone who is able to guide me through the process.

Ps. I've written this, and when my mood dips and I can't do anything I'll leave it for 3 days or so...people think I'm weird or ignorant because I always let people down with plans etc, and my wife just had enough of no love and no effort in our marriage...and I loved her...without showing her...heartbroken, no Job, divorcing...can't 'love' anyone...argh!:):):):):)

12-30-16, 07:34 PM
i'm so sorry your'e struggling so much right now. welcome to the forums and i hope it's helpful for you here. xx

12-30-16, 07:52 PM
Note down your adhd examples and take them with you to Toor appintment to show how to it symptoms impair your life.

It took me 2 years, many psych visits with both nhs abd private psychiatrists and a few misdiagnosed before I was diagnosed with adhd and for the first time received ed treatment thst helped me.

If you can go private it's usult quicker nut no guarantee for getting a skilled and knowledgeable psychiatrist.

No offense but you are more likely to be diagnosed if you are going through a divorce and are out of work as these 2 problems can often result from adhd issues.

01-01-17, 05:33 PM
Hey man

One thing iv found as Fuzzy has said is you can run into someone good and helpful as easy as someone with either no knowledge or just dismissive. It took a relief DR to the guy who was the regular Psycological dr to have anyone understand anything I was saying. One guy just said okkkkkkk to every long talk I was expressing, another would listen and say "how do you want me to help you?", and once just said "hang in there". That was it.