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12-31-16, 06:53 AM
It's often said on here that a sure sign of having ADD or HD is in your old school report cards.

Problem is, my report cards aren't really that negative at all. Most of my teachers described me as a good student who just needs to keep his head down and get on with it.

But here's the thing. During my primary school and senior/secondary school years, I was in specialized classes full of people who were loud and disruptive and would drive my teachers mad. But I on the other hand was generally quite quiet (although I did lose my temper on occasion, one which even led to temporary exclusion. Most likely due to all the distractions in the class room putting me off my work).

My point is. My teachers didn't really have a problem with me. I think they viewed me as an average (despite my high IQ), well behaved student.

Did anybody else find that their report cards didn't really indicate that there was anything wrong, perhaps because they found themselves in a similar situation to me?

12-31-16, 02:22 PM
Mine basically said "Ian is a pleasure to have in class, but he daydreams too much."


12-31-16, 02:23 PM
I got "social butterfly" which is teacher speak for talks to much and in everyone's business.

12-31-16, 02:44 PM
In primary school all my teachers loved me. In secondary school they omlained that I was lazy and often rude. The report cards only show grades though in secondary school. My grades got progressively worse. Qell they plumetted but they were still average.

My school might have been a bit like yours. Fairly rough and lots of students underperformed. I only stood out because I had started so well