View Full Version : my spiritual practice helps me with ADHD

12-31-16, 12:58 AM
I don't think a cure exists. I just think the symptoms of ADD/ADHD can be greatly diminished if done right. I have tried different medications for my ADHD and they don't work as I want them to. They may help me focus temporary but it fails in the long run. When the tolerance builds up, the symptoms comes right back. Many people don't look to God to help them. God gives up problems so we can turn to him. Medicine is important and, for me, so is religion. I am a Muslim and ever since I started practicing a few years back, I have found my life completely changed. Islam helps me cope with my ADHD because Islam targets the heart. And my problem could only be fixed once i targeted the heart of the soul. I would only like to offer my suggestion about trying to find alternative ways that may help you in the long run. The Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings be upon him) said,

"When any group of men remember Allah, angels surround them and mercy covers them, tranquility descends upon them, and Allah mentions them to those who are with Him." (Muslim)

And God says, ""Their skins and their hearts soften to the remembrance of Allah" Quran (Surah 39: Verse 23)

As people with ADHD, I think its important to find tranquility and calmness in ones life and Islam offers just that. We are overactive people and we need to find something that slows us down and keeps us balance and I have found that remembering God and praying 5 times a day does just that. That's just my suggestion as a Muslim with ADHD.