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01-03-17, 09:55 AM
Timestamp: Fall of 1996

Clenching down on her jaw, mom yelled frightening words into the phone.

"I'm transferring Anon to you," she said.

While our collie's claws clanked on the kitchen's hardwood floor, I peaked through the hallway to watch my mom leave those threats into my dad's answering machine. She had had enough of me.

Apparently, not.

Mom didn't really want me to go live with dad, like she forcefully stated in that voicemail message. I realized this when she took me to court a year later to get me back from my dad's. I secretly left her home for my dad's on a warm spring day. She and my stepdad had been talking about how to handle me. She lined up a counselor, something I found out years later. I didn't know.

My mom used to try to correct my behavior through threats and sweeping statements that left me feeling distraught and hopeless. I think she was exasperated and had a hard time communicating her feelings. On the evening she made that call to my dad, I failed again. She needed to do something.

Timestamp: Winter of 2017 (today)

I want people to know about some of the things I went through as a child, which is the purpose of this thread. I'm hoping for some validation and your opinion about my mom's behavior. I tried to write the incident like a story in a fiction novel to make it more interesting to read.

01-03-17, 11:41 PM
it sounds like your parents were really frustrating and taking out their frustrations on you.i don't know what to make of it except it almost sounds like she's treating you like a possession. but then, she set you up with counseling, that seems like a compassionate thing to do if it's really to help you. if it's for behavior modification...that's kinda ****** up.

those are my thoughts. hope they help. much love xx

Johnny Slick
01-04-17, 12:47 AM
Yeah, as someone whose parents were surely frustrated with me and who lashed out, I can say it's both a little understandable and a lot not. I mean, if you're at a point where you can truthfully say that your mom did what she thought was best at the time, that's fine, but I also want to say that it's totally 100% okay to be mad at her, especially when she's still engaging in that behavior.

01-04-17, 01:19 AM
Anon :grouphug:

I'm sorry your mother treated you like that.

I thank you for sharing, the writing was very well done. And I really felt your feelings through your writing.

You didn't deserve to be treated like that. And all the other ways that you have written about in the past how she treated you, none of that should be done to a child or anybody.

I know what you wrote in the OP is just a small part of what you had to go through, I know you went through so much.

You are courageous.