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01-05-17, 03:01 PM
Being on meds,off meds,on supplements, off supplements thinking and looking back at my life's problems and decisions caused by ADD it seems to me to that experts are right saying it is a memory problem . Dr.russel Berkley ,explains in well in details.

From my experiences looking back at my life from the age as young at 5-6 I can see that my problems are caused by inability to access info stored in my memory without conscious effort . The info is there but path to it is not working without a consciousness=internal or unconsciousness=external stimulation.

No easy access to Memory , causing failures,
Failures causing anxiety
anxiety affecting my ability to focus and think

I have the motivation , I know what needs to be done, I have the information, but I can't do it. I have no other explanation.

Anytime I try to do something right , I'll fail ,but never give up either. It almost looks like the only advantage to memory problem is that I can deal easier with failures.

I have goals, plans, procedures, checklist , knowledge but it is all disconnected.
If I have a constant reminder that is external , then I can access that information .

For example:
- When I get a call to do something , i'll do it, many times right away.
-When I work on something with a friend, his actions act like external trigger
-When a calendar task pops-up , I can do it,

The problem is ,where there is no external trigger or when planning or working on something.

When planning anything , it seems that I over complicate things or I'm unrealistic. Only later (days,weeks) I 'would realize how unrealistic that plan was.

A friend looking at a plan plan would see instantly how insanely unrealistic that was.

It also explain why saying " tomorrow will be everything alright , now I have a better : organizer, to-do list , office ,,etc. doesn't change anything.

I think that using external triggers(organizers,calendar,text) and having plans and goals checked by an independent person is the only way to live for me a productive life.

Therapy,meds,supplements would be good if you could access the info gained, without an external trigger. I can't .

Is it even ADD? I have all the signs and I wish there was a fix for my memory problems, if I'm even rationalizing the so called memory problems correctly.

01-05-17, 08:37 PM
For example:
- When I get a call to do something , i'll do it, many times right away.
-When I work on something with a friend, his actions act like external trigger
-When a calendar task pops-up , I can do it,

Hey these successes are nothing to sneeze at. If you can get yourself to move ad work with an external trigger ... then yes, keep going down that path.

These are excellent "work-arounds" you have. Do you see that?

I'm totally with you on the problem of making tasks way too complicated. I think that is part of ADHD as well ... We don't visualize the steps involved in completing a task very well ... I can vastly overstate how long a project will take ... I can make the project way more complicated than needed ... and of course, I can underestimate how long/how much work a project requires.

Tapping the help of really organized people is a great idea. I do that all the time these days.

And one thing I've noticed ... I think the therapy I've been in has reduced my anxiety a lot ... and so I'm more able to hear the little voice that says, "remember this" or "remember that" ... because I'm not as stuck on some worry in my head.

The one point I don't understand is why you think meds don't help with memory. Mine most certainly help with memory and with energy and motivation .. and focus ...


01-05-17, 10:42 PM
Tapping the help of really organized people is a great idea

I'm really organized , it have systems, software everything, the problem is you forget you have it , so again memory problem,

I think meds help little bit but , my biggest problem is the natural effortless access to information that normal people have most of the time, if they have that information.

That lack of memory link makes it difficult to learn from my mistakes and others. I would realize what I have done when it is too late. That act of messing -up is a trigger which shows me all the mistakes regarding the exact same situation.

When I remember to make a continuous decision to focus and not to mess up , I am able to trigger that stored knowledge naturally and do a good job, but many times, there is no one to remind me. It doesn't happen all the time, but I 'd say double then average person.

Therapy is a good thing, but it is based on habits. Therapist will show you a way but it is up to you to remember to use it and that is a challenge.

I read literally hundreds of books on motivation, organization, psychology,success, you name it. At the end I end up with 10 pages of info that can be used,if you remember to use it.My life has been the same. I have the info ,but I forget to use it.

There is no other explanation for me,only a memory access problem.
Once I'm presented with a problem I will solve it. It is not related to making connections or lack of cognitive abilities.

It appears to be an access to memory problem. If someone asks me about anything that I know , I will help them . So if there is a trigger I will pull the info. The problem is that at that moment I will forget what I was doing before. Normal people have that self-control that is being triggered, but there is no internal trigger in me.

I'm trying to figure out if my reasoning is correct, if it could possible be access to memory problem which could mimic ADD.

01-06-17, 12:58 PM
I'll share something that I have been doing ... I'm not sure it's totally on point for you, but I think it might be.

I have basically concluded that I have to script out reactions to events ahead of time ... Script them out ... almost using the exact words ... and practice saying those words ... I had to do this because my immediate reaction to events in real time ... is terrible ... my brain goes blank .... and as you say, I don't call up what I know ...

Also there is a lot of discussion these days about habits ... and habits are quite relevant for ADHD because when we get a behavior to a habit, we do NOT have to think in the moment. We don't rely on memory. We rely on habit. That's why routines can be so good for people with ADHD (and people overall) ... because we don't start thinking from scratch ... People who exercise consistently have used turn it into a habit. They are not thinking "oh what am I gonna do today?" They know at what time they will exercise.

A personal example: I know I will go out to grab food about twice a week ... But I always ended up buying unhealthy stuff ... pizza ... steak & cheese ... fries ... Then I realized, I need a plan ... I need to write out a place that I can go to that is healthy (and that tastes good) ... and I realized the place I liked is a Chinese restaurant nearby ... where I order steamed chicken and brocoli ... I buy it for takeout, come home and add vinegar and soy sauce and mix in some almonds and I have a tasty/healthy meal. I had to pick the exact meal ahead of time ... no variation ... and now I've done this for about four months now. Totally works.

Well, I had to script that! ... In the moment, I WOULD NEVER remember this healthy option. NEVER. Brain could not call up a solution in real time. So I had to preplan and write down this idea ... I do a bunch of stuff like that.

Anyway, just my two cents.


01-06-17, 07:19 PM
I've been scripting situations for long a time too,it works pretty good.
The problem with habits is again the memory for me.

It may take 2 weeks of consistent effort to create a habit.

I can do it for 2-3 days,,,i've been trying to put my keys on a hook for years but ,I still keep losing them .

Normal people enter the house: then they see a hook, then it triggers a response to put it there,

Me: I'll walk in , throw the keys anywhere without thinking about it ,

01-07-17, 12:03 AM
Don't solve the hook problem, solve the keys problem.

Don't force yourself to fit into the way other people have solved the same problem. Instead, find out what you really need (e.g. to always be able to find your keys) and solve it in a way that really works for you.