View Full Version : Might stop Adderall for Vyvanse.. help with dose

01-06-17, 08:02 PM
So I dont want my doctor to dose me wrong if I do indeed switch. Before he mentioned that hed put me on 50mg of vyvanse per day.

Well I was on 20mg IR of generic adderal 2x a day for 3.5 years. Then about a year on 30mg IR 2x a day. 2 months ago I switched to 20mg of adderall 3x a day.

I know 50mg is nothing close to the equivalent of 60mg of adderall.. 60mg of adderall is 112.5mg of vyvanse technically from what I have read.

Do doctors prescribed 60mg vyvanse 2x daily? would it be split up or would you take both at the same time since its a slow release?

For what its worth... 20mg and 30mg of IR generic adderall only would last me about 90 minutes 2 hours if I was lucky.. it has been like that for about 12-14 months now.

01-06-17, 09:57 PM
nice thanks

Little Nut
01-07-17, 11:38 AM
Not knowing your recent prescription history and assuming your doc has a good reason to prefer Vyvanse, I would try the Vyvanse at the prescribed dose and titrate from there. I would keep a daily journal during the time on how well it treated symptoms, side effects, ... Based on your history I would also work out w/ the Doc how you are going to titrate up. How to address untreated/partially treated symptoms and side effects after 2 weeks. In my case my Doc would either schedule an appt in 2 weeks or I'd send him the journal beforehand and talk to him on the phone to review and decide on changes. Also discuss how much latitude I have and repeat in another 2 weeks. After this you and your Doc should have a better idea how to proceed.

01-07-17, 01:38 PM
The Vyvanse dose to achieve dextroamphetamine base equivalency would be 100mg, in your case.


I thought Vyvanse was a great med apart from its crazy price and the fact that I needed to take 150-180mg per day.

Back to the gold standard...Dexedrine.