View Full Version : Are adhders very sexual?

01-07-17, 02:36 PM
Do ADHDers have some type of trouble concentrating during sex? or are they very sexual.and have more type of ''porn'' fantasies?

01-07-17, 02:47 PM
We're not monolithic when it comes to sex. There's way more than an either or. Just like people who don't have adhd.

01-07-17, 03:10 PM
The question as you've asked it is probably too narrow to give a useful answer.

Having ADHD affects sex because having ADHD affects everything in the person's life. It's very difficult or impossible to predict exactly which way any individual is going to show the effects of ADHD, whether regarding sex or regarding anything else.

Add in the fact that "What is normal for sex?" is already an impossible question even without mentioning ADHD, and you realize that the answer must be "It depends on each individual - statistics and predictions aren't going to help much".

Little Missy
01-07-17, 04:02 PM
The multiple choice answers offered are rather interesting.

01-07-17, 04:21 PM
When it comes to sex, i'm a porn star.

Unless it involves somebody else...

01-07-17, 04:47 PM
ADHD has a massive impact on how we relate to others. Since sex involves someone else, either in body or mind, ADHD affects sexuality.

How that plays out is unique to the individual.

Little Nut
01-07-17, 10:31 PM
Mary, having trouble following your OP. Can you site 4-5 specific examples and add your questions to the appropriate example. TIA, -LN