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01-09-17, 03:04 AM
I feel as if throughout my life I have never been present or engaged.

As I child/teen I was NEVER able to focus on schoolwork, or anything really, it was such a mental effort to actual pay attention to what I was being told, or the material I was reading. Even if I found the topic interesting and WANTED to learn I would always get lost in my thoughts and zone out of the world, look out the window and think about anything but what I should be thinking about.

When people talk to me, I start thinking about their psychical attributes, or other nonsensical things.

To this day things like movies, tv shows, and video games do not engage me because my mind wanders off and I simply cannot pay attention, even if I find the content interesting, or at least would like to engage in it. These thoughts are completely scattered and non linear. I will starting thinking about anything: what to eat, what I will do after this, what could I be doing instead, future planning, existential questions, anything and everything. Granted I also suffer from depression which does not help me stay focused or present, although I feel as if I have always been this way, even before the soul crushing depression kicked in.
And reading a book, hah forget it. That information just goes straight out of my head.

I can't even focus on writing this post, my mind just wandered off to what I am going to be doing after this, and what will I be eating for dinner.

Also, I have zero concept of direction. This has always been an issue for me, to this day I need a GPS to get around places that I have traveled between repeatably for many months.

I am always daydreaming, literally always.

I FEEL stupid, but I know I am not, I managed to get a degree with high distinction but I had to put so much effort into sustaining the information it seems like my attention is just out of this universe.

I'm sure I have more symptoms but I can't think much at the moment.
Does this sound like ADD? Perhaps the inattentive type?


01-15-17, 08:38 AM
Does this sound like ADD? Perhaps the inattentive type?


JK, see a doctor.

DJ Bill
01-15-17, 07:04 PM
Yeah, it sounds like that could be your problem. Or maybe the depression is causing it...and usually the depression needs attention so you can work on the ADD stuff. That is the basic course I would take if I were your doc.

But.......I am not a doctor, nor did I ever play one on TV.

And there are many other issues that could cause what you are experiencing. See the stickies at the top of this forum (Adult Diagnosis and Treatment) for lots of things you might really need to explore.

I am not familiar with the mental health community in your location as I'm in the USA, so I can't give any advice on who to see other than folks who want to see you every week or have you take expensive tests to determine what is up. (As many here are frequently saying....there is no legit test for ADHD other than a formal diagnosis by a qualified medical pro.) There are tests to rule out other problems, but if they have this magic ADHD test you have to pay $500 to take, it might not be in your best interests.

Read everything you can get your hands on about ADHD if you do get formally diagnosed. There are many different valid treatments. Some work great for one person and are useless for another. (Actually most of them are like this) Again , do not put a pile of trust in the quickie online tests you can find easily via google.. they may help you remember some childhood things that you would want to share with your doc, but some are so general that 90 percent of humans would have ADD of some sort or other.

Good luck in your journey!

(That's the long version of what Sarah said....I'm a bit more wordy)