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01-09-17, 06:33 AM
I've picked two easy things to focus on for now. Well they've never been easy in the past. It's just that I think they should be easy. The aim is to keep them quick and extremely doable. I'll add stuff or more complexity once I've mastered these two things:

1. Simple 7 Minute workout using an app

2. No conscious skin picking

Little Missy
01-09-17, 07:55 AM
What is on the workout app?

01-09-17, 09:09 AM
What is on the workout app?

It's called the Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute workout and it guides you through a set of exercises such as jumping jacks step ups etc.

I'd completely forgotten thst I wanted to do this today till I read your reply..:lol:

Anyway managed about 30s before fuzzling started crying...

I'll try later again.:)

01-09-17, 08:01 PM
I managed both. I don't kike the workout app though. I didn't understand how to do most of the 3xercises and just wir something there's a video that demonstrates all the function but I font have the patience to watch it. Will download a different app...

I stopped myself from picking my skin d3lberayely everyone I touched ny face. I'd never realised how much I touch my face and i'm constantly either rubbing or scratching it. No wonder I keep.breaking out.

I also finally dared to weigh myself. Wayy to much...even to post

01-10-17, 02:27 PM
So far so good. Used another app today cos I didn't like the last one. Muscles are aching that I didn't even know existed....:lol::doh:

Not picking my skin is turning out to be easier than I thought. So far.

I'm adding another rule:

3) no more biscuits

(Been going crazy about them).

01-11-17, 07:42 PM
Managed to not pick my skin though today it was slightly jore difficult. No biscuits and that's purely just because of this thread. I are a lot of other sweets though. I'm craving sugar and if jy oarwnts are here is always tons of sugary stuff.

No exercise but fuzzling wasn't well and has been screaming her off so I dint blame myself for that. Hopefully tomorrow is going to be better.

I was going to addf another half dozen rules but now I'm glad I didn't. I don't want to have too many or they won't mean anything to me. Maybe I need a rule for that. Something like I can only add one rule a day and not more than 3 a week.

01-11-17, 10:52 PM
Add extra fruits and/or veggies tomorrow to make up for the super sugary day today.

Stretch some when you go to bed and count that as exercise (purposeful movement), and do it again when you wake and you'll already have something in for the day, and who knows, that may spark momentum. It's a crap shoot in my world.

As far as rules go:

Rule #1 - Breathe

Rule #2 - Be kind to self

Rule #3 - Rinse and repeat

And don't forget to celebrate each accomplishment, no matter how foolish it may feel or how much you may be under-valuing yourself in the moment. No one else waits around to come out and celebrate what we manage to get done for ourselves and others, so we may as well, ay? Not everything we accomplish needs a celebration, nor does the celebrating have to be over the top, but it damn sure feels good to somehow healthily recognize it when it happens.

I think that's where I trip myself up a lot in not allowing self to acknowledge and celebrate a job well done, no matter how simple or small it is in the grand scheme of things, due to being so used to f'n so many things up by default of simply existing, or so it seems.

But boy, oh, boy does that inner voice keep busy at critiquing every single move, thought, and perception. And typically not in a celebratory tone. If I spoke to others the way I sometimes speak to self, I'd likely get the taste slapped out of my mouth.

I like the rule of not adding any more than one rule a day. Maybe not add another rule until you've accomplished at least one of the ones already in place? Otherwise it ends up as yet another rules traffic jam to have to work around to get to the next set. lol

That's sort of how I had to do my online classes recently. I found a few that really peak my interest, and signed up for two, then added like 6 more to my wish list, but I won't allow myself to actually enroll in another one until I fully complete the two I'm already doing.

By then, I might not want to take the others anymore. Who knows. We sure can perplex, educate, care for, and entertain ourselves in the damndest ways, can't we?

One of these days, all this untapped brilliance is bound to shine through and blind a few unsuspecting lucky SOBs. Or so they say. lol But only if we do everything just right according to ___________. (whichever rule book you choose to follow) I wonder if there ever was a time when everything, or at least most things, made sense, anyway? Hmmmmmm..........

01-13-17, 03:45 PM
Good idea unsi to not add kore rules till I've mastered thr previous ones!!

I'd completely forgotten 2hqt rule 3 is.:lol:

I've been semi successful with rule 2. Funnily enough putting it in rule form does help. Just thinking I shouldn't pick my skin doesn't seem to be enough. However when I catch myself picking my skin I realise it's against rule 2 ajd then I stop. Hubby always claims I'm very rule based so maybe he's right. Anyway if it works...

I've been doing 5min of cardio though every day. I know it's not much but it's high intensity and it's a good start i think. I'm actually quite enjoying it.

01-15-17, 08:27 PM
Broken all rules except for biscuits. Can't remember what rule 2 is...:scratch:

01-17-17, 06:41 AM
Yesterday was ok. Think I did pick my skin a bit but also did 5 mins of exercise and still no biscuits. Am eating a lot of other crap though.

01-19-17, 02:48 PM
So instead of my accountability thread this has now become my reporting thread. I don't feel accountable anymore. Well I was just about to do my 5 min of exercise when I thought hmm..let me have a few biscuits instead. :doh::doh::doh:

01-20-17, 11:35 PM
So instead of my accountability thread this has now become my reporting thread. I don't feel accountable anymore. Well I was just about to do my 5 min of exercise when I thought hmm..let me have a few biscuits instead. :doh::doh::doh:

Wait, honey? IS that YOU?? You aren't really in the UK, you're in the next room over aren't you? Give me a biscuit!