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01-11-17, 07:34 PM
Hey everyone...
was thinking about this place, kinda sleepy right now and procrastinating a little bit, but, I thought I'd say hi...
I didn't actually mean to disappear from the forum. Last summer was my first summer single in 7 years, and my first summer living by myself EVER and it's funny going through that as a teacher because the school year ends...and your work suddenly stops! And so does your structure... Anyways, I traveled a bunch at first and then came home and being totally alone in my apartment except for my cat was was mind boggling. I do like some alone time, but, I was SO alone. So I just tried desperately to get out of the house as much as I could, for better or for worse...
I basically didn't get any work or prep done over the summer, I feel like I was just in panic mode about having some kind of social life for a lot of the time...and also just...doing things on my own like cooking or shopping or cleaning or whatever. It's different and I think felt weird to not factor someone else in.
And I was dating a lot, again for better or for worse!
I played a lot of music too. And I wrote a lot and thought a lot.

Anyways, this school year has been as crazy as last school year, same feelings of not quite ever being able to catch up as much as I'd like. I didn't have a great start as far as organization - having not gotten much prep done over the summer and then...spending time with people who didn't understand needing to do work outside of the time on the job.
It's like tripping at the beginning of a race, because I'll spend the rest of the year trying to catch up from that, much less get ahead.
I met someone in Octooobeeerrrr....... :) ...... **blush** ...... he's a super sweet guy....on the surface we have almost no interests in common which is hillarious cuz I'm SO into what I do...but he loves kids, er well ok he has 2 kids I know I knooow sssshhhhh! They're 2 REALLY superduper sweet and fun boys....anyways, we have fun and he's really great to talk to and such a good listener and very generous and thoughtful and romantic :o :giggle:

I was thinking about you all and him because, he's actually interested in how ADHD affects me, and interested in how I think and helping me build structure. I remember while I was there working one night he spent like an hour looking for something online and I was buried in what I was doing but also kind of wondering what he was up to over there...he was looking for a video online about ADHD that he had seen one time, he couldn't find all of it but he found some clips that we watched and talked about. It was really cute...
And we were Christmas shopping, we went to the bookstore and - funny moment: while I was looking at things he came over from the self help aisle and said..."is it sad that I was looking at this book about organization and time management and thought it might be helpful for you...and then thought that you wouldn't have time to read it??" which made me laugh, because I was SO. NUTS. in December. I booked myself for WAAAAAY too many gigs. :doh:
ANYWAYS I went to that aisle with him and there was an ADHD book (The Disorganized Mind) and I opened to a page and we read it together and he was like YUP I definitely can see that in whatever thing...and we talked about it a little. We went back there last weekend so I could buy the book and he actually was encouraging me to read it which is sweet I think! Previous boyfriend didn't really get that kind of thing, didn't really wanna hear too much about it. He couldn't understand why I would need to look up something to find out about myself, or look up strategies to be more organized, not something he could empathize with - I think for him it was like...ok...just be more organized! (lucky him!!! haha)
Anyways, there's other things too...but, I feel like having someone to talk to who has as much experience with work/career and relationships and *also* having kids, and balancing things as he does, all things I hope to figure out, like...I think about things hypothetically for myself but he has experience with this stuff, and is actually interested in sharing what he's learned with me. It's helping me think about structure and time, and I've been doing a lot of thinking about planning out my school year and rehearsals, how to space out my gigs, and working on simplifying things for myself. Lately when I go to counseling that's mostly what we've been discussing, organizational strategies, as opposed to emotional I feel bad or confused about myself. It's nice to feel a bit more proactive. I don't know if it will help enough that I'll feel normal about the amount of effort and time I put into work, but I think I'm trying some stuff that will make a difference.
ANYWAYS, that's not what guy and I talk about all the time, lol, BUT I guess my point is that it's nice that someone I'm spending a lot of time with is very accepting of who I am, and interested too and helpful.

One thing though....

I have my cute kitty Oliver...I wuv my wittle Oliver...and I wuv kitties sooo much

And he is DEATHLY allergic to cats. Literally.
Like, his throat closes up and he can't breathe and it almost killed him when he was a kid before his mom knew about it.
He came into my apartment for like an hour or something right at the beginning, and was taking his inhaler for like 2 weeks afterwards.
Hillarious cuz he's this huge guy, 6 feet somethin', works out, black belt tae kwan do etc. and my cat can kill him.

So he can't come over to my apartment, and I like have clothes at his apartment because he reacts to the cat hair on my stuff, so, of course...needless to say...all of THAT is also an interesting organizational challenge for me. >.<

OH god that was a lot. Hahaha.

How are you all doing? What's new with you from/since the summer?

Little Missy
01-11-17, 07:47 PM
Hey Willer! Good to finally hear from you! Love your stories and I'm glad you found a good guy. :)

01-11-17, 07:48 PM
Hey good to hear from you!! Loved reading about your boyfriend. He sounds really nice. Bummer that he's allergic to cats. I hope that won't make things too complicated.

I can so relate to not getting much dine over summer and then having to catch up for the rest of the year. Hope it won't be too bad.

I forgot what instrument do you play and what king of music??

01-11-17, 07:58 PM
I play clarinet - classically trained but now I just play folk music - fiddle tunes 'n stuff. Hard to explain, clarinet not a typical instrument in the Weirdo me.

01-12-17, 12:34 PM
Hi Willow, lovely to hear from you!

01-12-17, 02:58 PM
Always wonderful to hear from you willow :) :grouphug: hope you and the guy can work round his allergies :grouphug:

01-13-17, 05:41 AM

who are you? I think I kinda remember your name possibly. but I'm not sure. Probably not though. :scratch:

01-13-17, 05:59 AM
:giggle: :giggle: :giggle: I'm only kidding!

oh My GOSH

It's my Willow Bug!!!!


lol I've missed you!

It is SO nice to hear from you!

I like that you spent so much time doing stuff outside of your apartment over the I wish I was a bit more out going like that.

Sorry for the rough start to the school year though. I hope things have settled for you a bit and things are becoming less stressful.

And...I don't like him! :eyebrow:
He's not good enough for you!
That being said...NO one will ever be good enough for you in my I guess this guy will do! lol :lol:

I really like how he listens to you and puts so much effort into educating himself and accepting you. That he doesn't just try to ignore your adhd, and that he doesn't tease you (in a mean way) about it.
That's so sweet :).

He's still not good enough. :p

That's really too bad about him being allergic to cats :(. What a pain in the bu**.

Does he play any instruments?

It was SOOOO nice to hear from you Bug! I'm so glad you came and gave us an update!! I really have missed you! So many have left the forums over the last year...and you're one of the ones I've missed the most. :( :( :(

No pressure to become addicted to the forums again or anything though!! :lol:...but PLEASE COME BACK AND SPEND EVERY SPARE SECOND ON THE FORUMS SO YOU CAN NEVER FLOAT OFF AGAIN!!!! :p :p

(((((((((((((((((((((WILLOW BUG)))))))))))))))))))))

////Forehead-Bump :giggle:

01-15-17, 06:53 PM


Where my Bug go?

:( :( :(

01-17-17, 01:03 AM
Oh :(
I has such a big sad :( :(

I saw a hint of my Willow Bug, but it seems I just missed her. Lost her.
I'd loved to have had a nice chat with I miss her so much!
She once played her clarinet just for me you know? <3 haha she stole a bit of my heart when she did that for me.

I am genuinely sad that I didn't have a chance to talk to her for a bit here :*(.

But I am glad to have at least heard from her, to know she's well and with a seemingly nice (but NOT good enough! lol) guy.

Sad to hear she's stressed with her job...but happy to know she's doing something she truly loves.

Bug! I miss you /cry.

(((((((((((((((((((((Willow Bug)))))))))))))))))))))

Perhaps I can catch you the next time you float back by? :)

01-19-17, 12:23 AM
**HUGE FOREHEAD BUMP** **Psycho gets knocked over by force of forehead bump-age**

HIHIHI! I have to go to bed now but HI! HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI!!


01-19-17, 01:42 AM

hehe :D :D


01-19-17, 07:40 PM
How ARE you?! I loved getting to play clarianet for you! :D boyfriend plays no instruments (what am I doing?!?!? Am I crazy?!?!) What have you been up to? :D

01-23-17, 02:12 PM
Hi Willow!!! Welcome back! :)

01-26-17, 03:36 AM
Hello. Welcome back.