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01-12-17, 07:57 AM
I know this doesn't belong here but it's a close family of Atomoxetine and I hope families of Reboxetine can see this post.

I don't think it's available in the US. Reboxetine is used off label for ADHD, has less side effects than Strattera as reported by users.

I am wondering whether anyone have tried both could give an account of what they're like.

I've tried Reboxetine and it made me slow, tired and it didn't help with ADD. Quit in a couple of days as I couldn't stand it. Would it be worth trying Strattera? I'm not sure if it'll be any different, it also acts as an NMDA receptor blocker.

09-18-17, 04:43 PM
Sorry this is such a late reply, only just jumped back into the forums.

I've used Edronax quite a bit over the last years, at times. Dosages have varied quite a bit. I think my wife "likes" me more when I'm on it. Higher dosages I didn't like the side effects that much, which for me was fairly vivid dreams. Last time I was on it (came off start of this year) I was only taking 2mg twice a day - enough I felt to just "take the edge off". When I first tried it (via a psychiatrist) he told me that it can take up to a month or 6 weeks for the effects to kick in, and that you have to build up with lower dosages and slowly increase. It's not like other adhd meds which can have an almost immediate effect.

Just thought it was worth mentioning. I'm considering going back on it as my work focus has been crap and has had a financial effect on us.