View Full Version : Is Strattera Worth a try after no avail from many medications

01-13-17, 03:48 PM
I've been diagnosed with inattentive ADHD by a psychiatrist and that is all you need to know because I've explained it too many times.

I hear Strattera work best for inattentive types.

I have tried Ritalin, dexamphetamine, wellbutrin, vyvanse, reboxetine and they did not help with focus. Vyvanse just has a strong anti depressant effect which helped boost mood. Reboxetine it's similar to Strattera and it didn't work on me. I gave up in four days because of terrible side-effects, and because of this I don't know if Strattera is worth a try.

01-13-17, 04:09 PM
I don't know how similar Strattera is to reboxetine.

If other things have failed, Strattera is certainly worth trying. It often does nothing at first - you have to be willing to give it a lot of time.

John E
03-20-17, 02:16 PM
I'm inattentive ADHD as well. I've been on it for 13 years and it's worked very well for me. I think somehow I'm in the medical efficacy bulls-eye. I can focus, I'm in a far better mood, sleep better, less foggy, etc...

03-20-17, 09:31 PM
Is this a trick question? Why wouldn't it be worth a Try? You must not be very serious about treating your add.

03-22-17, 01:11 PM
Is this a trick question? Why wouldn't it be worth a Try? You must not be very serious about treating your add.

Stress leads to depression. Most people are less-concerned with generating more data about how they work and how things affect them, and more-concerned with not having found a solution yet.

03-25-17, 12:51 PM
Starters is the first ADHD specific medication out that is a non-stimulant. I personally had a lot of bad luck with other medication until Strattera. It does take 30 days before you start to see any effect. So far it is working very well for me. The only side-effect for me is dry mouth.

I will say, every medicine will effect every person differently.

04-10-17, 01:37 PM
I've noticed several people say that Strattera is good for inattentive ADD. Can you tell me what you mean by "inattentive" and how that manifests in your daily life.

I ask because I've had some success with Adderall, but now that I'm in a different state (Texas) it's very difficult for those in medical assistance programs, i.e.- po' folks like myself, to get prescribed stimulants. It would take me several months to see a doctor who could prescribe it. But I was able to see a nurse practitioner right away and since they can only prescribe non-stimulants, she gave me a Strattera script.

I haven't started it yet (I still have 6 Adderalls left from Arizona), and the fact that it takes 30+ days to even notice an effect worries me. I need mental energy NOW. So before I consider putting such a long-term investment in it, I want to make sure it's a likely good fit for me. And I'm not sure inattention is my biggest problem. For me, it's more about feeling mentally tired and exhausted, unable to plan and strategize effectively, fatigue, brain fog, low mental energy overall. But when I'm directly interacting with someone, I'm perfectly able to pay attention to them.

So do I sound like someone who should try Strattera? Or should I try to stick with the stimulants?

04-10-17, 03:20 PM
Most former Strattera patients I've heard from (myself included) hate the drug and state it did nothing for their ADHD.

There are a few who swear by it, and report it was the only drug that managed their symptoms. I often wonder if these people were suffering primarily from depression, rather than ADHD.

Your mileage may vary. As with other drugs, how you respond is unique and the only way to find out is to try it yourself.

04-13-17, 09:54 AM
I am Inattentive too.
Dont respond to Ritalin/Concerta and to all antidepressants/nootropics tried.

I did try Reboxetine/Atomoxetine.
Reb was stopped after one week due to severe urinary retention.
Atomoxetine tried for 3 weeks (25 to 50mg) no results by then but couldn't
stand the pain in the groin.

Unfortunately Adderall/Vyvanse aren't available in my country. (GR)