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01-16-17, 04:14 PM
First and foremost I have been diagnosed with ADHD (since I was 21) and I started these last 3 months taking medication Concetra Extended Tablets Release. I take 2 18 mg each morning. I never took any kind of medication before these 3 months.

I am 29 years old undergraduate student, 89kgs, 174cm height and have some excessive weight but not much and I don't have a good diet.
I have an OK social life, I have some friends to go out with, no spouse, I have met in my life countless persons and I have no trouble talking to them when I meet them on the road but I am never going to next step of going out for a coffee or hanging out in my free time. I say OK cause I could better, but I am not so into it or not so interested, I prefer to be alone most of the time.
I don't exercise at all nor walk, I may be walking 30 mins a day for going from class to class, going to the kitchen, stuff like these and I have a motorcycle covering long distances

I mentioned the above because I worry about some symptoms I have noticed these last months and have made me extremely worry, it might be my imagination but an opinion wouldn't hurt

My symptoms

I am always thinking about something. No matter what I do, no matter if I drive, or play a video game or being out with friends and I am always thinking about something. It might be a movie I may have seen some weeks ago, or magazine I have read, a software program, a video game, a person, my life, what I have done to my life or imagining myself being part of a story I have seen a movie. Lots of countless thoughts but I cannot stop thinking about them and of course these thoughts have hindered my concentration, cause me feel tired sometimes and I can never achieve having a clear mind
Low or no concentration at whatever task I do, the most important I cannot study and that happens for the above reason
Forgetfulness. For example today: I had to go to the library I had to take with me: my laptop, laptop's charger, laptop's mouse, Notes from lesson A, notes from lesson B, Book from lesson A, book from lesson B, student pass for restaurant, keys for house, keys for motorcycle, wallet, mobile phone.
I forgot to take with me: laptop's charger, laptop's mouse, notes from lesson A, student pass for restaurant. Please note that everything was right in front of me and I just had to get them inside the backpack.
No present interest in physical activities but someday I might find the interest (procrastination) . In more details: I always thinking tomorrow I may start the gym or start running but tomorrow never comes for these certain activities
No motive for sex. Sure when I see a hot girl, I will see at her hot stuff but I am not interested in meeting a girl and have a chat with one, I am just the observer type also there more ways to have sex, such as hookers and brothels but I am not interested in them as well. I masturbate 2-3 times per week.
Sometimes I feel very alone and helpless, and sad and that happens even if the day before I had a great time out with friends and the next day I feel like I haven't seen anyone or talked for a decade.
I have some trouble falling asleep, I never sleep 8 hours straight, usually I awake at 8 am but I fall asleep around 1 am or 2 am, I don't get sleepy before that time and it only get sleepy if I had a very tiring day
I have very low confidence, I always think of failing at something
I have lost interest in hobbies I liked all my life such as: video games and movies. I say to myself video games and movies are so unproductive, I don't gain anything from them and I had enough (Yes it's true I had enough, maybe that's why I have lost interest but I still mention it)
Also when I begin my studies, after reading for 10 minutes, I start doing other things, like checking something on the internet (unrelated to what I study), random stuff and then I continue my studies, then pause and begin again etc.

The above symptoms happen EXCESSIVLY the last 8 months [before starting taking medication for ADHD] and I really have started worrying about them

My doctor said it's ADHD and you have to find a way about your concentration and what helps you. Not so helpful

Do I suffer from anything mental? Should I worry?

01-16-17, 05:17 PM
I think your doctor is probably right.

Is the ADHD medication helping today?

Maybe you are a little depressed, but that's probably because you are unhappy with some things not going well.

Little Nut
01-16-17, 05:18 PM
Not going to come close to second guessing a psych for someone I know virtually nothing about. If you want to try to verify, try to find some DSM IV or V screening criteria for some disorders you are "concerned" about. Bear in mind after looking at the criteria you have to be careful that you really have the issues and didn't get them from the list (hope you know what I am trying to say.) A good way to do that is read up on each criteria and understand what it is. Then make a list. For each criteria you think applies write down 2-3 real world examples for each one where it negatively impacted your life. (Not suppositional.) Make a copy of the list and review it w/ your Psych. HTH, -LN

01-17-17, 04:40 AM
Could be a case of stainless steel or Alloy.

01-17-17, 04:41 AM
Could be a case of stainless steel or Alloy.

JK, I couldnt resist.