View Full Version : Why didn't Adderall help?

01-17-17, 12:04 AM
I didn't like Adderall OR Straterra. My doc tried me on Addy 10mg 2x/day and I fell asleep constantly and was too tired to be able to concentrate. I did genesight testing and it reccomends I do HIGHER dosing on stims to make them work with the exception of Wellbutrin. What is best to try? I HATE side effects and take zoloft 75 mg which works for my anxiety/ocd but I can't focus I walk all over the room and can't do my homework easily. I want to try Concerta SO bad...Is this a good idea? Any suggestions open. Plz help!

01-17-17, 04:32 AM
Does anyone know if that genesight works?