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01-17-17, 07:11 PM
I've been on Strattera for about 6 months, 80mg a day. It has been incredibly effective, and I absolutely love it. But while using Strattera at that dose I have zero libido, not reduced, zero. It actually made me understand asexuality. Sex never crossed my mind, and when it was introduced, I'd rather opt out than have it.

So my doctor recommended trying a lower dose by dropping back down to 25mg and working back up. Dropping to 25mg almost all the benefits of Strattera are now gone. Before it felt like I was on train tracks, now everything feels lose and uncomfortable again. Concentration is shot, attention is shot, basically back to feeling non-medicated. So I increased to 50mg, and a good number of the benefits began returning, but so did the loss of libido.

It seems like any effective dose of Strattera comes with this massive drawback. My doctor has now prescribed bupropion alongside Strattera with hopes that it will block the loss of libido.

Has anyone had the same issues with Strattera? Or had experience with bupropion and Strattera?

I want my concentration and my sex life!

01-22-17, 12:01 PM
Yes. Mits berry common. I started taking less on days I knew I was having sex. also take it in the morning.

01-24-17, 01:42 AM
It's been one week of bupropion and Strattera. The doctor's hope was that it would counteract the sexual side effects of Strattera.

The good news is that it increases the effectiveness of Strattera. At 50mg I felt the same benefits as I previously felt at 80mg. The bad news is, zero change to side effects. Lowering to 25mg of Strattera alleviates the side effects (with or without bupropion), but it becomes useless for ADHD symptoms. It still helps with anxiety and calmness at 25mg, but nothing more.

02-01-17, 11:00 PM
Adding bupropion changed nothing. I'm quitting Strattera after being on it for 8 months. The sexual side effects outweigh the benefits. :/