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01-18-17, 02:48 PM
i have started to suspect my 8 year old son was ADD, my husband is and was never diagnosed as a child. I have spoken to his teacher and she has encouraged me to get the proper paperwork for her to fill out. Looking at her answers they are pretty exactly the same as mine. I dont feel like he has the hyperactive part of it. He's having a hard time focusing and finishing his tasks. anyhoo so i sent over the paperwork to his pediatrician today and will be waiting for phone call.

What should I expect when I meet with her? is there so sort of protocol if she diagnosis him with ADD?

01-19-17, 05:25 AM
There are no tests for adhd. Adhd is primarily diagnosed through taking a thorough history, talk about symptoms and impairments that must be present in many areas of a person's life, not just say, work or school. In the case of an 8 year old- kids are not always the best self evaluators so the doc might rely more on how you see things, but may soon ask questions phrased in a way that your child can answer. Did you or the teacher fill out the Conner's survey? The doc will want to go over those results as well. The best thing you can do is keep a log of daily symptoms, good days, bad days, troubles etc. This way you can refer to specific examples.

01-19-17, 09:09 AM
In our case the doctor talked mostly to me, my son was 13 at the time but still not great at communicating. He is mostly inattentive. His "hyperactivity" was minor. If I asked him to wait in line he could....but he was likely to forget why he was in the line, lol.

The doctor was interested in what type of trouble he had in school and home. ADHD kids don't fit in the box of a perfect student and if a teacher tries to jam them in there it doesn't work very well. There is frustration when the child doesn't "learn" appropriate behavior. In my sons case he would tap his pencil on his desk, the teacher would ask him to stop, he would....and then tap again a minute later. In the teachers mind he was being defiant, in his head he had no idea what she was talking about because he didn't realize he was tapping his pencil.

At home I had to repeat directions multiple times...he would forget what he was doing or not actually hear me. My son can look me in the eye, nod while I am talking, and have no idea what I just said. This was also a problem at school when he walked into a test he had no idea was happening that day. The doctor wants to hear about your difficulties with your son. Then He/She will determine if they are normal kid things or symptoms of a larger problem.

01-31-17, 10:58 AM
We went to our appt yesterday. We spoke about the Conners survey and the results from the teacher and myself. Alot of our results were the same as far as the inattentive part. He doesnt show any hyperactive. He scored a 5 (problematic) in English, Math and Comprehension.

So the question she had was were is he academically? I didnt really have an answer because our school systems doesnt grade our students with A, B etc. so she is wondering if we have a learning disability of some sort which could be mimicking ADD. As she tried to explain that there is possibly ADD there might also be a learning disability so how much of it is ADD and how much is it a learning disability.

so my next step is to have a meeting with his teacher and see how far behind he is. We discussed medication if that is the road we are going to take and if we do we will probably choose Ritalin, she has ordered a ECG to be done to make sure he's fine.