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01-20-17, 05:46 PM
This post is quite lengthy, short isn't what I am going for. If you have journaling advice for medication use, I'd love to hear it. I want someone to evaluate my behaviour and give any feedback on how 36mg of Concerta may/may not be helping me. I'm trying to journal so I can actually find what works for me. Obviously I am posting quite soon (within 2 hours of use of Concerta for the first time ever). The reason I am documenting and seeking input is because I want to make sure I am treating my symptoms with the correct medication, and that the benefits I am seeing from the medication are in line with the intended purpose of the medication.

I just took Concerta. Do note that I decided that I would journal my first couple of hours, and then keep tabs and journal every hour afterward to keep track. Writing walls is what I've always done. I have written down what I have perceived so far. I just don't know what I should be expecting, whether I should look to up the dose in a week from now, whether I should look to just try Adderall to see the difference... Concerta seems to be working! It just doesn't feel like a wonder drug. It feels like I'm so much calmer, it's not like coffee at all but if I related it to coffee it is 3x stronger than coffee in terms of effect.

I am 83 minutes into having taken Concerta. A list of the things I have done are (including writing this all up):
- Signed up for a Concerta membership to receive a discount every time I fill my prescription.
- Set up my laptop and work area and gotten the webpage open for my e-text.
- Physically printed my syllabus, stapled it.
- Dealt with an important phonecall (briefly).
- Skimmed chapter 1 of the textbook and part of the syllabus to organize what I need to do in order to successfully study chapter 1 (34 pages of content).
- Gone online to find a free PDF editor so that I can remove text from the printed version of the textbook (because the textbook prints with anti-theft text that covers the actual textbook text, rendering printing pointless).
- Gone on this forum to copy/paste my journaling.

Overall work habits (Jan 20th):
- got myself organized quickly
- still distracted by making these notes, but checking the web less, checking the phone less, and not feeling the desire to finish in a certain amount of time so that I can play video games
- talkative with my Mom (as usual)
- quite content to sit at my working table and not go away, although this may be due to the novelty of having just taken Concerta and wanting to document it

Perceived changes in me aside from work:
- feeling good when I went outside to the back yard to relax around my dog for a 60 second stretch
- overall feeling of be present, feeling like I think I should always feel, feeling like what I presume normal should feel like
- I do feel a slight tightening in my cheekbones, a slight coldness kind of feeling, very mild, something to do with blood-flow I'm sure
- OCD-like behaviour gone (not officially OCD but exhibit it in definite ways normally), not worried about that spec of dirt caught in the crack of my trackpad, or how dirty my laptop is, or tiny little things
- Heart rate is normal, shakiness is the same as usual (drinking coffee), I feel like manic but more energy

Recorded time-stamped journal notes:
12:23 - Took Concerta
12:43 - Feeling different head/vision, very mild tunnel vision, nothing definite
12:53 - Intensification of aforementioned feelings, distractions seem lessened (but there are few), focus seems better, feel very calm but alert
1:03 - I feel calm, focused, but I have not yet gotten to work in earnest. I have pulled open the webpage for the e-text, organized what I am going to read, printed the syllabus, stapled it, and gotten myself down to work. I donít feel any strong urges to pull away from the computer (my work), but I do get distractÖ just not majorly.
1:04 - A sudden, though minor, intensification of a sense of calm and feeling good. A happy feeling.
1:07 - Still feeling as though I am waiting for something to really kick in. Thinking 36mg might not be strong enough, or that I may need to try Adderall. I am fairly certain that this (Concerta) works, but I donít know how my high expectations and the placebo effect are changing how I feel.
1:08 - Dogís breathing annoying me.
1:16 - Trying to figure out how to edit a PDF document so that I can properly print my e-text. Still not studying, but doing things to organize myself and get studying.
1:31 - Finished organizing some things (mostly typing on the forum, getting my PDF editor downloaded, etc).
1:44 - Gotten started into my work in earnest, stopped journaling now for the next hour+ (goal set), and will report back to my journal at 3:00; will make a follow-up doctor's appointment at 3:00 and check to see if anyone might have responded to my post

01-20-17, 08:14 PM
Not knowing how (or I don't think I can any longer) edit my original post, I would edit it to cut it way down. I think I was a bit hyped up, though that's regular me.

I would edit and cut everything down to say this:

- Not sure if Concerta is as effective as I would like it to be
- Seems to cut down obsessive-compulsive behaviours
- I have a feeling of calm energy, I would describe it as feeling like what I would expect normal to feel like (whereas my normal is low energy & distracted all the time)
- I was able to sit down and work for 1.5 hours, with some distractions, and by the end I needed to take a break, but I intend to come back to my work
- Just overall not sure, I will have to try it for the next week. I don't know how much to expect. Yes, I am implementing strategies (keeping on task, setting goals, keeping organized, etc).
- No mood swings, no feeling of intense euphoria, no "robotic" feelings, no hunger increase or decrease, no side-effects at all really except a very slight coldish feeling in my cheeks/face