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01-23-17, 11:47 PM
Ok just to not make This a very boring and over worded post I would like to describe my issues short and sweet and if any of you guys who are knowledgeable to this medication your help would mean a lot to me. I have depression that iv had for as long as I can remember, more so noticing early grade school and recently after many suicidal attempts was forced into a hospital and kept there almost a week. I was already on anti depressants and adderall and at my visit after the suicide episodes the doctor there basically doubled whatever I was taking wich was Effexor, Xanax, and adderall at the time. I was released home and continued to my regular doctor and since then I have been taken off the antidepressants and basically was told that I'm finding individuals with ADHD that go undiagnosed exhibit more depression so to keep my medication as simple and to only be prescribed what is necessary he wanted to take out Effexor and stick to the adderall to see if that helps with ADHD symptoms and depression as well..wich I will say adderall has greatly helped my brain fog and lack of motivation as well as Just helping my mind not wonder in a million different directions..the help I am looking for is after a few months really started to notice more and more inconsistencies, which can be expected with xr, but it's so inconsistent that it's starting to feel if it's worth it. Iv done a lot of research on diet and such but I guess folks who have been taking xr for awhile who have a good regiment to just help me In finding a healthier routine that can give me better therapeutic results and not so much up and down that it's driving me nuts!! When it works I'm on track but when it's not I'm derailing. If you actually read this whole post and can contribute I thank you

01-24-17, 05:08 AM
I take 20mg of adderall xr three times a day and dex boosters.

Little Nut
01-24-17, 11:46 AM
Jrod, As I understand you have been formally diagnosed w/ depression and ADHD. Your doc discontinued Effexor, but left you on Adderall XR and Xanax with the hope that ADHD caused the depression and treating the ADHD will in-turn alleviate the depression. Currently you are finding the treatment results variable. (Did I get this right?)

As I understand it, there is some overlap for ADHD symptoms and Depression, but not alot. Also the Adderall will not directly treat some/many of your depressive symptoms. At a minimum you should document/monitor how effective Adderall is at treat your ADHD symptoms. You should also monitor/document your depressive symptoms. You should be aware of the symptoms you suffer from or can get them from the Diagnosing Doc. For more feedback you will need to supply more specifics. (what do you mean by up and down?, what specifically is inconsistent?, are you asking for dosing/titrating help?, asking for possible alternatives to Adderall?) HTH, -LN

01-24-17, 03:16 PM
Thank you for the replies. Littlenut yea the Effexor and adderall combo was getting a little harsh on me especially with appetite suppression. The doctor decided to just stick to the adderall so to clarify ups and downs I just simply mean the "crash" if you will and sometimes moments of zoning out and feeling ADHD symptoms returning. Some days it is pretty consistent and not to many waves of up and down and it is serving it's purpose but then the next day it's causing elevated emotions or agitation and lack of it's just basically when it works I'm happy and stick to the task on hand but I can't seem to get a proper routine for the medicine to help each day the same. I realize there are a million variables but I guess if there are vitamins or a good diet plan to coincide with the medicine to help get the more positive results rather than me not realizing what I could be doing from what I eat or drink and when..I know we shouldn't get caught up in such minute details but at least to be aware of a good regiment plan from others who have been using adderall for some time..and sarah could you explain how to he dexidrine compares to adderall or if it's a little smoother or if maybe it's even a better alternative, sorry I'm new to these medicines and just looking for advice..thank you

Little Nut
01-25-17, 09:58 AM
Gonna assume your points are for ADHD and not depression. (For crashing and ups/downs you mean focus goes away, working memory gets worse...not you plant yourself in the bed and don't want to/can't get out or overcome w/ deep sadness)

Do some searches about ADHD, titrating, and amphetamines (maybe adderall or dexedrine). Review/study. Another thing is that Adderall XR is designed to operate as 2 equal doses Adderall IR taken 4 hours apart. (e.g. 20mg XR should act like taking two 10mg IR doses 4 hours apart) How long a dose lasts is pretty variable depending on the invidual. For me a dose lasts about 3 hours, some people 6 hours, and some lucky people it lasts 4 hours. So what can happen is the 3 hour people's dose wears off before the second dose kicks-in. Kinda a see-saw effect, up, down, up, down. For the 6 hour people they are going along fine and the second dose kicks in and hammers them a little. Up, Up some more, Down. The 4 hour people get Up and then Down. MAybe this applies to you or maybe not. To further rock the apple cart sometimes the 3 hour people will increase their dose above the ideal dose to get it to last longer. It will last a little longer, but they end up taking a higher dose than they need and it may be out the top of their treatment dose. Again, maybe applies to you or maybe not. The 6 hour people may cut their dose so they don't have issues w/ second dose and are undertreated at first. Again, maybe applies to you or maybe not. Remember that I am a 3 hour guy and what I did was just switch to IR, giving me control on when I take the 2nd and subsequent doses.

JRod, Can't really help more than that based on the limited info you provided, but maybe this is enough for you to start a conversation with your Doc about this issue. HTH, -LN

01-25-17, 07:45 PM
Thank you for the an adult being diagnosed ADHD there just hasn't been to many folks or research behind adults having it and iv tried researching but you know how that goes and there are always "experts" on the subject and some advice good and some bad but iv been on and off this forum for a few months and people on here always honest and seem to have others best interest in mind. Iv asked my doc about maybe a booster mid day since I have very long work days and it's hard to find good timing for the meds. I work 2pm to midnight and overtime can keep me at work until almost 3 am so spacing things out and eating and sleeping are a big factor so I am just seeing how others cope with the crash and how they find the best therapeutic result but I guess it's just frustrating when days it works well then others not at all so just seeking others input on their routine. Thank you for your response and I will do some more digging