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01-24-17, 01:57 PM
Hey, so was diagnosed with inattentive ADD a week ago and my doctor put me on medikinet 20mg.
at first i started with one pill in the morning and another 8 hours later, it would get me hyped up for an hour or 2 sometimes but then its back to the normal, so he uped my dosage to 2 pills in the morning and one 8 hours later but that didnt help either, in fact it made it worse as i feel sick all day like i want to vomit.
i told him about whats been going on with me and he says the problem is that in our country we have very limited options with ADD meds (i live in Jordan) and he said i should try Ritalin.
what i understood from reading about both of them is that they're both methylphenidate drugs so are they the same or do they have different effects?
if im not responding well to medikinet should i try Ritalin or will it be the same?

01-24-17, 02:24 PM
Medikinet contains multi-release methylphenidate and is a generic of Ritalin.
A generic means the substance is the same but the galenics are different.
Galenics mean what the final substance is made off. That is the reason why
some of us respond to another brand better although it is the same substance.

If you did not respond to Medikinet of course you can try Ritalin. If you try Ritalin
you should go for Ritalin IR which means immediate release. Your advantage from
the Ritalin IR is it builds up its full effectiveness in 30-45 minutes which makes it
easier for you to adjust a dosage.

When I was prescribed methylphenidate the first time my doc told me to start with
a dosage and to increase it until I feel no more good to find my overdosage level.
Next step he told me was to decrease the dosage just below the overdosage feeling.

The effects of Ritalin and Medikinet should be the similar. Most people switch because both are different dosaged.

There is a more potent meth-methylphenidate called Focalin.

If also Ritalin dose not work you should ask him for amphetamines.
As you are prescribed to Medikinet I gonna tell you the european meds names because
Medikinet is a Euro-product.

Amphetamine products:
The manufacturer of Medikinet also makes Attentin, which is Dexedrine and Dexamphetamine.
Vyvanse is called Elvanse in Europe.
There are also pure substances available which are mixed at the pharmacy and sold as juice or drops.

I dont know if you can get US-meds in jordan. If so you can ask for Dexedrine and Adderall.

01-24-17, 03:06 PM
Thank you for responding C15H25N3O,
actually i got messed up, he prescribed me Modafinil 200mg the second time not Ritalin and i was reading about it and some people say it helped them with focusing others say it only helps with staying awake (my biggest problems are focusing and motivation).
i really want to try adderall, but its available in jordan, so im guessing all amphetamines and dextroamphetamines wouldnt be available? im not sure though.