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01-24-17, 05:33 PM
I am fond or reminding friends, relatives, and clients that ADHD is not simply behavior which is out of control and “fixable” with discipline or will be learned with modification. The network affecting cross-communication in various regions of the brain does not operate in the same manner as neuro-normal people. The outcome of the various brain system dysfunction is manifested as the set of behaviors known as ADHD. Treatment is necessary. If you read this page then you know I am a fan of stimulant medications for the set of people that are positively affected by them. I also believe and science supports a multi-modal approach to treating ADHD. Adults with ADHD have managed symptoms for a very long time. Some management techniques result in habits which are not supportive of one’s best interest. Coaching is very helpful in working through the creation of supportive habits. Mindfulness meditation has been studied and positive results have been reported for assisting ADHD persons to control attention and increase short term memory function. Prayer is a way to express a desire to find peace and calmness in a stressful world. It can also be a way of meditating. Finally exercise is a key component. The science says that brain dysfunction for ADHD is related to neuro-transmitter availability. Studies show dopamine and other transmitter is not as available for the ADHD brain or better said the transmitter does not hang out at the receptor site long enough. Exercise causes a release of dopamine and therefore a person with ADHD may experience a feeling of control after exercising. This may be especially helpful before starting on a project or homework. Happy New Year.