View Full Version : New to adderall; what to expect?

01-24-17, 06:08 PM
Hi all! I was just prescribed adderall IR 20mg 2x a day for my ADD. I have researched around a little on what to expect but still have so many questions.
When should I take my second pill to avoid any insomnia?
Should I eat before I take my first pill?
and also, how much weight loss is to generally be expected?
(I am 5'6, weigh 174. weight loss is a welcomed side effect but I won't be starving myself)
any other tips you have would be greatly appreciated from this newbie! :)

01-25-17, 12:20 AM
Best to just follow doctor's guidelines ... we can't tell you how you will react to the med. Some people have little reaction ... some people's minds get really quiet ... some people feel extra energy ...

Literally every one reacts differently ... so you have to be the best judge ... take it following the doctor's orders and then report what you're feeling and how you're functioning ... you'll usually know if it's working.

Again, on insomnia, a lot of people don't have that problem. So really worrying about it is useless ... Just take the med per your doctor's directions and then report back to the doctor (and to us if you want to share) what the result is ...

This is what we all do ...

Hope the med does help you ...


01-25-17, 12:22 AM
I would start with 10mg or half a tab and evaluate, more is not always better. Corepharma (at Kmart) was a lot more stimulating for me than Teva (Walgreens). Those seem to be the most popular. You want to stay away from Mallinckrodt and Mylan, nobody seems to report good results with those. Good luck!

01-26-17, 05:20 AM
Ir adderall is meant to last about 3-4 hours so in your case you would be getting about 8 hours of coverage. So you would want to take one in the morning assuming thats what your doctor wants, and one four hours later.