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06-04-05, 07:25 AM
The End.

“ Run as fast as you can there is no escape.”, He yelled as his army amied.

“Don't listen to him just go round the corner and you'll find an escape”, he yelled, “remember it is time you must safe don't let it change for your world.”

Violet listened and obeyed crying as she heard the shots ring out and then the scream of the man she had loved dying.

“She went round the corner after her!”

There it was the camera sitting on the ground she picked it up, the army rounded the corner to face her, she pushed the button then all of WWII disappeared before her eyes.

She reappeared in an strange looking back ally. I had a dumpster sitting there against the back of a shabby metal wall. There was paper and Rubbish everywhere and the dumpster was full. She turned around two times before she sat down on the ground crying.

“There is so much to understand!”, she screamed. “why is it so hard, complex?! He was born in 67584 his yet he dies in 1942! It is not fair!”

“Ahy gom fi t gomt ok!” I fat looking creature yelled out the window to here. She looked up at the ugly thing and put chip to her ear and let it slither inside. When she thought it had reached it's destination. She yelled out to the creature.

“What did you say!” The creature looked at her, it was ugly she thought it had no eyes just 5 arm like things, it seemed to look at her in disbelief.

“I said stop that noise! Where do ya come from any way ya weren't speaking Futharc before?”

“I come from Russia a country on the planet Earth!”, she yelled back wondering if Russia still existed in this time. A scary thought slipped into her mind “maybe I'm not on earth any more, no that is impossible I only moved in time my husband died over there 20 meters is where he died maybe millions of years ago.

“Russia eh. What ya doing here in America then. I would go back and live in Russia much nicer ever since World War Six. America is just this tiny county now ya know that it ain't much good at all ever scince Columbia took over the south and most of the north.” He yelled down to her with concern in his voice. “Wow this Micro Chip in my brain works better then I thought, it even includes emotion, way am I in America then I was in Germany when my Husband died.”

“ I am lost”, She yelled back.

“ Well come up and I'll help ya just promise me you won't mention anything about the home.”, he yelled back, he seemed a pleasant enough guy.

“ Ok how do I get to you.” , jeez she thought could you have asked a any stupider question.

“ Go round the front and you'll see number 126 thats my number. I'll buzz you in when you get there”

She went round the front and found the right looking building. She looked at the words along the top. “Ichscđøe” and some other stuff. She hit her head with her hand and all came back into focas as the chip worked at translating it for her brain. “Warning armed lasers are used inside this building if you can not produce an ID.”

Feeling scared she reached for the Button 126 and pressed it. A face a 3D phone appeared in front of her face then when they creature picked up the phone a face appeared in it's place.

“Hey you found me just a moment I'll buzz ya in.” , his head turned and then a green light appeared next to the door.

“I read the warning I have no ID will I die because of that?” , she shook badly as she said that although it might not be so bad she was in a world unknown to her.

“Nah I buzzed you in nothing will happen to you no just walk to the door already.” She did this she walked up to the the door and suddenly found that she was in is apartment, a bit shocked but all the same glad she looked around. It was very nice place, a bit strange but that was to be expected in this age other then a few pieces of clothing it was very tidy.

“Hey there you finally came about time to”, he said in a cheery voice, “ So where do you want to get to, can I offer you some nibbles and something to drink?”

“oh just some water would be fine.”, she looked at him he was a bit taken aback. Was it something he said or was it culture these days to ignore the offer. “ I am not of you species or o your cultures forgive me.” she added in haste.

“Oh what are you, water is a dangerous acid if not diluted properly.” he was looking at her in a strange way. “ I have some water or H2O in my lab just let me get some I have a big cold bottle of it.”

“Oh I am a Human we drink water.” , she replied feeling uncomfortable.

“ He came back with a cold Jug like bottle of water and carefully poured it into the glass. “ I am a Human how can you be?”

She took a sip of the water and said sit down it is a long story.

More coming.

Ichpuchtli. :) :)