View Full Version : Concerta is great - and it totally sucks

01-25-17, 09:31 AM
Yup, thos are my feelings. I love my concerta. It ticks along in the background for me, I barely notice it, and provides me with fairly steady focus.
But it sucks. It never lasts as long as I need it for, which is pretty normal I guess.
My work starts at 8:00pm and I am dealing with putting my 3 young boys to bed at 8:00pm (and a clear head is equally important when I'm putting the kids too bed).
Sooo, to get proper night time coverage, I have to take it at 10 or 11 am. To get proper morning coverage, I have to take it at 7:30. I have played with every combination of timing, splitting my dose (54 at 7:30 and 36 at noon), adding a booster att the end of the day (sucks - just makes my crash harder).

I'm thinking of getting a 20mg rit booster to take at 7:30 am to cover the morning.
Btw, I take 90mg concerta. It may seam like a large dose to some, but I hardly notice it. Just a sense of calm focus and generally good mood. Negative side effects are almost completely non-existent.

Any Concerta Gurus out there have any suggestions?

I sure love concerta while it's working. Otherwise, it sucks. Other options for full day coverage?