View Full Version : Anyone have success using Wellbutrin for smoking cessation?

01-26-17, 05:54 AM
So everyone hear knows of my sobriety from alcohol and how scared and hard it has been for me to even consider stopping smoking. I talked to my doctor and told her how I remember when Wellbutrin was under the brand name Zyban and used to help people quit. I talked to her about it and told her that mentally I wasnt sure if I was necessarily ready to quit, but if there was a way that I could chemically make smoking less enjoyable, or chemcially alter the way it made me feel, it might give me a mental kick in the as* to move further in the process.

She started me out on 150mg twice a day.
The first three or four days I noticed that when I took the second dose at noon I would get a headache and feel a little weepy or at least "off" a few hours after taking it. So I did an experiment and just kept taking the 1 150 and not the second 150 at noon. I resumed the second 150 yesterday and felt the same way as before with the light dull headache and "off mood". Is it something I need to get more used to before adding the second dose or is this a sign its not for me?

I havent noticed anything regarding the smoking but because its an antidepressant, I figure its going to take a few weeks.
This is prob one of the few meds I know very little about. I considered researching it but sometimes me and Ms Google get going together with no end in sight and it could turn into a mini-obsession- I am not sure thats whats best. This is why I decided to bring it to the boards.
Please share your experiences with wellbutrin- any and all.
Please share if it worked for anything, including smoking cessation, depression, bipolar, anything.
Please share your dose and how you titrated up to it.

Any and all info is welcome!

Little Missy
01-26-17, 08:40 AM
My friend who has not died yet just quit way back when on Wellbutrin. Said they just didn't appeal to him anymore. He didn't take Wellbutrin to quit smoking, it just sort of happened with him. It was about 2 years into it for him.

I did try Wellbutrin for about two weeks when I had to move quickly and I had just lost my mum so I was overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things I had to do alone but it made me so freaked out I wanted to unzip myself from my body and run!

07-08-17, 10:09 PM
and hard it has been for me to even consider stopping smoking.

I took Wellbutrin for two years for depression/anxiety and chain-smoked all the way through it. It did zip for me in that regard. It did help with the mood disorders, but I felt less sharp mentally and eventually switch to Lexapro.

This isn't as ideal as giving up nicotine altogether, but have you tried vaping? Not the cheap garbage ecigs they sell at the gas station: good vaping mods and ejuice with ingredients you can track? I quit almost overnight when I started using good vaping equipment four years ago; I still vape, but am down to almost no nicotine (I haven't tried to give it up altogether).

07-08-17, 11:42 PM
I smoked for about 4 months in 2016...Camel straights...yeah baby! But part of the reason I stopped was because when I resumed my Wellbutrin therapy, the pleasure of the Camels just disappeared...whatever brain tickle I got from having a smoke was completely and utterly gone.

I was smoking about a pack a week...I know, a lightweight, lol...but Wellbutrin took all the fun out of it, so I stopped.

I take Wellbutrin for dysthymia/chronic depression, and it is the only antidepressant that has done anything for me. In contrast, SSRIs/SNRIs have all ranged from useless to frightening. And unlike them, Wellbutrin begins to be efficacious in 2 weeks.

I've taken 450mg/day and 300mg/day. I don't experience any side-effects from it, and for me it doesn't seem to have any interaction with dextroamphetamine.

These days, I vape. It gives me what I loved about smoking (nicotine, yay!) and eliminates (thank goodness) the rest. And I've made it serious business...I've got mods that deliver the power, atomizers that can host the coils I wind, and I vape pure glycerin juice that is 100% organic, with no artificial flavor or anything else. I chose to vape because I wanted that nicotine, so I am not trying to wind that down or's a full 18mg juice for me.

Maybe it is because it is 18mg, and maybe it is because I have a quality vape setup made up of best-in-class tools, but it hits hard, regardless of the Wellbutrin. I'm fairly certain I get a level of nicotine I could never achieve through smoking, and it has really been of benefit in regards to my ADHD.

If Wellbutrin can help you stop smoking, that's great, well and truly. That said, I echo mcdisney's suggestion of giving some consideration to vaping...because you get to keep the nicotine, and lose the rest.

Best to You,