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01-29-17, 03:13 AM
Does anyone have experience with this? I've had it for a while and when it works it's great (although pretty expensive), but it fails a lot too. Thursday night/Friday morning in started freaking out on me and by the afternoon nothing but the phone worked. I'm using my cell phone to create a Wi-Fi Personal HotSpot but am getting no TV since streaming it over that would probably be very expensive.

They're coming today (Sunday), so hopefully they'll fix it, otherwise it looks like we're going to be looking for another provider.

01-29-17, 03:49 AM
I can't get FIOS in my area :(

But it's actually cheaper than the internet I'm paying for right now...and my internet SUCKS.

I'm going through a landline phone company, and up till now I've been okay with it. The speed isn't great, but good enough, and I wasn't paying too much for it. About $45 a month.

But then I go to my parent's who get their internet through the cable tv company...and omg it's ridiculous!
Just the other day I went and downloaded a movie for them to watch. Took under 5 minutes! haha...takes my stupid internet about an hour for the exact same thing.

I'm actually going to call my provider up next month and have them close my account (I haven't been on contract with them in several years now)...I don't know what happened or when, but for some reason all the sudden, they've started to charge me $60 a month...a $15 increase.

I'll be switching to the cable internet here'll actually be cheaper and give me speeds that are about 20x faster than I currently get.

The inconsistency of FIOS would drive me nuts. Especially if I was paying a premium for it like you are. I don't know how much I'd miss the speed. I mean it must be a blast when you're downloading things...but to stream shows and stuff in HD, you don't need the speeds of FIOS...hell, even my crappy internet is good enough for HD streaming.

01-29-17, 11:32 AM
I pay extra for 150Mb symmetric up and down.

01-29-17, 11:45 AM
I have it and love it, Never had a problem with it, even through Sandy. Only issues has been sometimes needing a new box cause it seems to wear out but they send me a new one.