View Full Version : Wellbutrin HCL 100mg (x3) vs. XL 300mg (x1) my experience so far...

01-29-17, 02:56 PM
I have mild anxiety coupled with likely (self diagnosed) impulse control disorder along with ADD, etc.

The generic 100mg was taken three times a day which was done solid for four weeks then I asked the doc if I can try the 300mg XL since I kept on forgetting to take it & the routine was a little off.

Fast forward to just couple days ago I noticed right away my appetite tanked with XL taken in the morning. I was feeling dizzy and anxious to only realize I hadn't eaten in almost five hours. I eat on average three hours or so. I hate this feeling as it reminds me of Concerta. Didn't enjoy lunch at all today (lasagna) and followed by popsicle :lol: The popsicle definitely tasted good. Lasagna, not so much.

Time will only tell. Sexual side of things I felt like an animal last night is all I can say. The 100mg HCL taken x3 a day didn't really see much in difference. Very mild appetite suppression but not as bad as this XL version.

Anyone else have similar or other side effects? I know it'll vary greatly but seems like loss of appetite is common from what I've been reading here.

01-29-17, 09:10 PM
I don't have any significant side effects from Wellbutrin/bupropion.

That said, I've only ever taken the XL form because of the increased risk of seizure with the immediate-release formulation.


01-30-17, 07:56 AM
I don't have any significant side effects from Wellbutrin/bupropion.

That said, I've only ever taken the XL form because of the increased risk of seizure with the immediate-release formulation.


That's the SR version I'm assuming? I'll log and see how I'm feeling with the XL for the next month or so as the standard 100mg taken three times a day have only been four weeks.

I'm hoping this reduced appetite will fade a bit. It won't help being a foodie (but I could probably use some weight loss) :lol:

02-15-17, 02:27 PM
How are things?

02-24-17, 10:13 AM
Not bad actually.

The low appetite hasn't been horrible; in fact I feel like it's perfect as I'm not crashing and still can enjoy food as soon as it's in my mouth and enjoy it. Concerta was horrible in that sense.

I've lost solid 8 lbs in the last two months. Now with any weight loss I know that it does also reduce some muscle mass but have been trying to eat healthier. The reduction in calories I'm sure is helping though overall.

I also added Sam-E recently recommended by my therapist/doctor for my mood. Second week in with the Sam-E for 800mg a day it's definitely noticeable with my mood. I like the combination a lot. Less anxious and more optimistic. I also don't feel as tired and finally starting to get quality sleep.

03-01-17, 09:57 AM
I'm wondering if this is the most I will get out of 300mg XL. Granted I've been more calm but not out of this world or great euphoric feeling but did expect it's nothing like some other medications but with worse side effects.

Mid-March I'll be approaching 3 months but will give it solid six months (as long as there are no major side effects) and use this thread to log any changes.

I will say my anxiety with compulsive thoughts have diminished enough I can enjoy driving. I have odd anxiety even though I drive just fine and tend to speed a lot due to my ADHD. But I feel a lot calmer ever since getting on Wellbutrin; at least I don't get irritated easily throughout the day and people don't make me as anxious like before.

03-18-17, 06:07 AM
Maybe due to some recent stress added I noticed I've been constipated. I'm always regular and never really had any issue going but I read this is a common issue. I did start taking some oregano oil in capsule (from Gaia) which have improved my bowel not to mention it seem to kick any cold to the curb pretty quickly.

I haven't noticed any other adverse effect so far. I guess I'm more relaxed? I'm not sure. I'm still on the hunt for some herbal source to calm my brain down at night and perhaps during the day.

03-21-17, 07:45 PM
I've decided after talking to my therapist to quit Wellbutrin. Cut down to 150mg and she said while the side effects should be minimal it's my choice to quit either cold turkey or wait few weeks to drop to lower dosage. Not sure if it's the lower dosage from 300mg to 150mg but have this weird tension neck pain at night. Taking ibuprofen seem to ease it up quickly...

I'm still against going on SSRI with all the side effects in the past. I 'may' go back on Concerta for my ADHD side of things to see how things go.

03-27-17, 08:20 AM
So the last post I took one 150mg and went cold turkey after. The only side effects I've had so far is fatigue, increase in appetite and yesterday I was irritated for no reason from the morning even though I had a decent sleep. Noticed once or twice my head felt little tight and this buzzing noise like I was on Concerta almost. Other than that I feel good and hope it stays that way.

I'll likely go on Concerta starting Wednesday. Just struggling with concentration that I feel like I need to get back on it :(

03-28-17, 06:57 AM
Starting back on Concerta therapist and I agreed to try this out first and if my anxiety portion not being controlled with Concerta gets worse we agreed to try SSRI as much as I'm very hesitant due to the side effects I told her I'm giving it an option.

I'll be posting over in the Concerta area for now...

04-04-17, 02:21 PM
Just switched to Wellbutrin XL from Focalin XR. It's been years since I've taken Wellbutrin. My doc generally lets me try different things out to see what works best.

I felt the effects right away after taking my first 150 mg pill this morning. Feels like Ritalin with less of a "speedy" feeling. Very smooth. Overall, I'm feeling much calmer now, I'm not getting as overwhelmed or anxious about things. I just finished three weeks of being un-medicated, which was very stressful.

Good to hear your experience is mostly positive.