View Full Version : Options for my child

Mrs. Agnello
01-29-17, 04:53 AM
My son is 3 and unfortunately I made mistakes with daycares and different things he's behaving better now but he definitely takes after me and my mother's side which is anxiety ADHD and

there's several members of my family my daughter didn't have any of it she got her father's genes my son got my jeans and it worries me not the focusing so much right now but his complete emotional blowout and

I don't want to put him on meds unless the school tells me I have to and right now preschool can't tell me I will take him out and pick a class for early intervention that's a half a day class Just Like Preschool but I do not want to put him on and said me and

I would like to know if anyone has experience in other medications besides Adderall and such