View Full Version : Does anything help Addy's breathing problem

02-01-17, 02:39 AM
Good evening.
Sorry if someone already asked about this topic, but I did tried to google.

I'm quite satisfied with 50mg of Adderall XR, but feel shortness of breath when it wears off. It doesn't hurt, but I feel like I'm using only upper halves of my lungs.
I had similar feeling when I drank too much coffee during finals.
It seems to be called 'jittery feeling' in English.

Someone here recommended magnesium for jaw-clenching habit induced by Adderall, and I was very very satisfied. Jaw-clenching was gone in a week.
Is there any supplement that can be used against this 'short breath' problem?

*Speaking of breathing problem, I used to have severe asthma during childhood but symptoms are gone like 15 years ago. Should I be concerned?

02-01-17, 06:09 AM
Have you discussed this with your doctor?