View Full Version : Meditation, Visualization and Medication

02-01-17, 06:16 PM
I'm interested in personal experience of others on the subject of visualization and meditation, and how medication has impacted or altered your ability to see in your minds eye.

Our abilities to visualize impact our abilities to be conscious creators of life and direct the path of our existence, at least within constraints of belief and openness to the concepts. So as in this frame of conception I feel if a substance limits our abilities to ground ourselves in the moment and visualize our intention it thereby limits our control over self, our lives and direction as creators, thus giving our personal power away. Now, I'm not per-se saying this in entirety, moreover as higher control over things.

Anyways, I forgot my point and lost the reason for posting this... Oh yes, I think? Anyone here believe any of what I said, practice meditation, visualization and intentional manifestation and take stimulant medications particularly? If so, what effects have you observed the medicines having on your practice?

Thank you.