View Full Version : Is this really hypomania?

02-02-17, 01:49 PM
Hi, so

For all intents and purposes I only cycle on a day to day basis, my hypomania tends to only happen at the late hours of night 11pm+ Resulting in a very tired me the next day.

so.... I've committed some bad crimes against property in the wee hours (just because?) I thought maybe it was just impulse control from ADHD, I don't know what kind of idiot would do such a thing? I know this idiot wasn't in control...

I see myself as so much better looking when I'm feeling good and rather ugly when I'm down?

When I'm feeling good I receive a lot of doe-eyes from women, I assume because of confidence? Or my mood? (or I am deluded) but I feel good and let's just say ALOT of girlfriends over the years...

I think I try to trigger hypomania? I could be stable but I kinda say to myself "**** it lets have some fun" turn up the music, and I do all those things that give me a buzz (no drugs).

Does it sound like hypomania And bipolar2 or cyclothymia?

Just saying I've had pretty bad depression once or twice every year for past 15 years *cough*

I think Dexedrine might be helping a lot but also causing more "triggers" would that be fair to say? It stabilisers me more but kinda lowers my threshold for triggers?

02-02-17, 01:58 PM
Some of my crimes were possibly whilst being drunk, I just feel driven for whatever reason revenge? Or fun?

I did this stuff before I was even on Dexedrine... A lot of it was whilst using an SSRI.

And I never ever physically harmed someone..

02-02-17, 02:03 PM
Oh and yeah the times when I was so depressed that I would do amazingly stupid acts to feel alive and good again... Trigger my version of hypomania and then wake up majorly depressed.

02-02-17, 04:19 PM
I think how you word the definition of hypomania, and how you decide "is this hypomania or not", is just a secondary question. I think the essential thing is finding solutions and strategies that work for you, right here, right now - making your life better and healthier and with a lot less times of feeling driven to do regrettable things.

02-02-17, 04:57 PM
I think according to the official definition it has to last for at least 3 days to he called hypomania. I'm not sure why 3 days though. It seeks a bit arbitrary.

When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 2 the psychiatrist told me that daily mood swings or fluctuations in a day are also common in bp though I think that in my case my mood swings are caused by emotional dysregulation due to adhd.

Have you seen a psychiatrist or any professional avout this? I wonder if it's related to dex ( or to dex wearing off at night). Stimulants can trigger hypomania or mania.

When I was taking SSRIs I was hypomania during the day and then crashed badly into depression at night. Every night.

02-04-17, 04:16 AM
Thank you both.

Yes I understand hypomania is suppose to last for 3 days to be defined as such but I go to sleep and never wake up in a hypomanic state.

Although if I was "hypomanic" one night I'm more prone to be hypomanic the next. But it's one that stops and starts.

02-04-17, 05:07 PM
I am diagnosed ADHD-PI, ASD, high intelligence (suffering from it, thanks a lot).

I know I have a small bi-polarity, some synesthesia and many others psychiatric classifications.

When I dont sleep at night and meet people the next day they usually ask me if I had
a great sleep because I look great and recovered. I wondered all my life about that.

Some months ago I had an appointment with my doc and I could absolutely not sleep
that night. I was in a very bad condition and decided to take my Vyvanse because I
did not want to miss my appointment.

I talked to him euphoric with a kind of hyper-self-esteem about experiencing a sudden
healing from a not percepted anxiety-disorder adding CBD-oil to Vyvanse and he stopped
me to tell me "No critics, you should know this is a state of hypomania".

My conclusion is I can trigger a state of tiny but healthy hypomania when I dont
sleep at night and I can trigger obvious hypomania when I dont sleep but use
amphetamines when I try to convince some one else.

Guys, I cannot write about my new med in every single post but it not only
balances my hyperactivity, impulsivity, makes me able to stay on tasks, treats
my back pain, switches my inner lights on, activates and motivates me. I also
balances and reduces my dysphoria and euphoria – and hopefully also has an
anti-inflamatory effect on my pills-induced stomach acid reflux. its amazing!