View Full Version : Edronax (reboxetine ) vs Strattera (Atomoxetine) for ADHD?

02-02-17, 11:03 PM
Hi all, I'm new :)

I have ADHD-PI and have been on Strattera for adult ADD with amazing results. Seriously, I studied and passed with flying colours. Strattera is amazing. But due to an ongoing patent, there are no generic brands - which means it was costing me $115 per box 😱.

So now after being off meds since 2013, I really am struggling. I'm going to try Reboxetine - which is only $30.99 per box. The thing is, Reboxetine/Edronax is actually an antidepressant - but is very chemically similar to atomoxetine/strattera and they are both NRI's... so my Dr agreed for me to give it a go.

Anyone go on both and find it helped the same as strattera ?

Did you have the same side effects if any?

Thanks guys xx

(I don't cope with stimulants anxiety/panic attacks)
(From Australia btw)