View Full Version : How can I help a friend with ADD about his forgetfulness?

02-04-17, 11:21 AM
We have been friend for 3 months, and recently he have been giving me hard time for his chronic forgetfulness. Through research I suspected that he have ADD (not ADHD, he is not hyperactive) and he might not aware of it. Upon learning of his behavior, I would want this friendship to sustain because i care for him. Will it annoy him if i remind him everyday? What should i do from here after leaning that he might have ADD? in term of my behavior around him, limitation that i should aware of so that i don't unknowingly offended his feeling? and anything that i should be aware of about being a friend with ADD?

02-05-17, 08:09 PM
Of course your guess could be right. But it could also be wrong. And it's only a guess.

Try to put yourself in his place. Your new friend--who is not a doctor, or a relative, or even an old friend, is troubled about your forgetfulness with her, which you may or may not agree is a problem. Have you always been forgetful? Are you forgetful with everyone, about everything, or only about some things or only with her? And is forgetfulness your only problem, or even your biggest problem? Would it be helpful to talk about this? Is she someone who can listen and be encouraging?

She wants to be helpful, but instead of asking you whether anything is bothering you or if she could be of any help, she reads up on a mental disorder, and decides you have it.

Maybe this isn't how it is at all, Dragonav, but you can see some of the problems with having a friend who--even with the best of intentions--tries to jump to a conclusion with very little knowledge. I think it would be better to be interested in what your friend thinks, and be supportive of what he wants to do. It would be friendlier to offer your observations and your help a little at a time as you go along.

02-07-17, 12:55 PM
Its not advisable to play doctor, especially with friends.