View Full Version : Vyvanse and Cravings for Cigarettes

02-04-17, 02:24 PM
I've been taking ADHD medications since I was a child - now in my mid 20s. Vyvanse works very well for me! Better than all the rest actually. The only downfall is that I really want to stop smoking cigarettes, and I feel that the Vyvanse gets in the way.

If I don't take my meds on a down day, I can easily not smoke. However, when I do take it, I have strong cravings to smoke that I can't seem to shake. They mostly happen early on when the medicine really starts to work, but I might have some cravings throughout the day.

Has anyone else had this issue? What do I do? Patches make me sick, and I hate the gum. I'm trying as many tactics as I can, but I'd like to hear of anything that has worked for others.

02-04-17, 03:43 PM
I was on Vyvanse for over a year and I am still prescribed to it but I reduced my dosage
to 1/8 from 35-40mg/day to 5mg, sometimes 10mg. I dont check it exactly. I dont care.

I also began smoking like hell. I smoked 3-4 cigarettes while driving 15 minutes in my car.

Check your heart rate while and after smoking. Your HRM will tell you an increased pulse.
Nicotine releases adrenaline and a little serotonine. Thats why we are so chatty while we
have a break and smoke.

Smoking cigarrattes is also classified as self-medication for ADHD.

I dont think adding Wellbutrin to make smoking taste ugly is a good idea.

Maybe you should ask your doc to try adderall as it also releases adrenaline.

Sativex works for me. I function better than with any other stimulant I tried before.