View Full Version : 4X10mg spansule plus 2x5mg ir help!

02-04-17, 11:30 PM
Ok, so I tried concerta for a couple of months and found that no matter what I did, I couldn't get the damn stuff to cover me fully for a full day (8am - 9-10pm).
So my doc has given me some dex to "play" with. 4X10mg spansule and 2x5mg ir for a total of 50mg per day. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas of how to maximize the duration and efficacy of that dose in those forms?

I has thinking 20mg spansule at 8am, 20mg spansule at 2:00 and the 5 ir as needed later?
Or should I split it up and take 10mg spansule 4xper day?
I know it's a lot of dex, but my metabolism eats stimulants for breakfast so it seems!

Or 20, 10, 10? I don't know, I just want nice steady coverage for about a 14 hour day....

02-05-17, 12:38 AM
Your dosages wouldn't work for me, but if I was using a mix of spansules and IR and I wanted to achieve 14-hour coverage (and still be able to sleep) I would:

60mg (415mg) spansules at 8am, then 30mg IR at 4:30pm.

Thankfully, I have no need or desire to be on amphetamine for most of my waking hours.

Anyway, try 40mg spansules at 8am, then 10mg IR at 4:30pm, and adjust timing as needed. Try 20mg at 8am, 20mg at 12pm, then 10mg at 6pm.

This all depends on how you respond.


02-05-17, 10:00 AM
Thanks Ian, I apretiate your response.
The reason I need such a long day of coverage is because I am often an inconsiderate A-hole, that leaves a wake of distraction when I am unmedicated. My diagnosis and treatment has literally saved my marriage, and likely my job.

I have 3 young boys, and I need to be "on" when I get home from work, helping make dinner, hang out with the kids, get them to bed etc. I find it I crash at 5-6 the family suffers, and I become impulsive, forgetful, irritable, and totally clueless of how I am acting. It's ****ty, but it's kind of my baseline. I have severe ADHD-combined.

Anyways, hopefully the dex will do the trick. I had a rough day yesterday in it; but I was going on be y little sleep and way way to much caffeine so I think I screwed myself over and can't really use yesterday as a good reference. Today hopefully will be better.