View Full Version : Stims effectiveness on "COMT met/met" folks?

02-07-17, 01:30 AM
If you're not familiar with Genomind, they measure enzymes, genes, etc.

My results indicate I'm COMT met/met (allele).

For the nonBiologists like myself, that, in short, means I may not respond well to stimulants due to my supposed higher dopamine level - if you're confused by this just google "COMT met/met". I have found stimulant meds to be the only thing that has helped with my anxiety/OCD-like and dysthymia/inattentiveness. Conversely, I need a fairly high dose to achieve focus. When meds wear off I have a pleasant cascade of anxiety and inability to concentrate; this is REALLY apparent after going back to college after 20 years recently.

I've already researched a bit, and seen a smattering of folks who say they have the "met/met" allele but respond well to stims. My main concern is that I currently take 70mg Vyvanse and 30mg adderall since school started. On rare occasions I've taken 70mg Vyvanse/80mg adderall when I had an all-nighter (FWIW).

I didn't need to take adhd meds everyday until recently so I'm still trying to figure out what's best for me. I just moved from ABQ back to my home town and having trouble getting doc to prescribe this amount.

I don't MIND taking Strattera or something, but since ADHD, while the meds are at optimal dose relieve concentration issues, anxiety, and otherwise feel more at ease.

If any of you are familiar with the "met/met" profile and meds that work for you or otherwise want to chime in - thanks.

02-07-17, 12:44 PM
There has been alot of talk lately of this type of "typing" to determine meds that work. If I understand correctly, the research that has been done is in its early stages and maybe doesnt have that much to back it up? I am not saying it doesnt work but I believe the research that it does work is limited.

02-07-17, 02:24 PM
I agree. I believe the only studies done have been Genomind, the company that does the assays - not dependable. Otherwise, anecdotally, when I've seen it, its mostly been associated with better guidance by a clinically significant percent, but not gospel by any means.

What the test DOES have right, speaks to its potential at least, but doesn't negate erroneous info. SSRI's - they list all of them - were ALL flagged as "increased risk for adverse events or poor response". The test nailed it there as I've essentially tried all of the SSRI's with little/no response.

The stimulants were also flagged with the aforementioned message. I can say that I seem to require a higher dose of amps - 70mg Vyvanse/30mg adderall, but on the whole, I have been able to concentrate better when the higher dose is hit.

03-12-17, 07:12 PM
Hey, I got tested to have met/met, and I have a very reduced response to all stimulants. It's tragic :'( The only med the test recommended for me is Straterra. Hard pass.

I've tried researching this topic extensively, but there really isn't that much to be found sadly.

04-10-17, 04:04 AM
toujours99 (if you're still around), as you know, Strattera is the black sheep of ADHD meds, it would seem. I have yet to read a positive word on it, though I'm sure my sources have negative bias.

I told my shrink I had the (coveted?) COMT allele and he indicated this meant I would have a positive response to treatment. He's a great guy but I never know when his *** is doing the talking.

Regarding aggressive brain fog and tiredness:
Dr. John: "You may have narcolepsy"
aur462: " but don't I have to have a problem with falling asleep that's beyond my control?"
Dr. John:."Not necessarily"
aur462: ??
Then he changes the subject.

What, toujours99, experiences have illustrated the ineffectiveness of stims for you?

Interesting on Homo MET:

For over 15 years I tried most AD and all were ineffective.. The only effective psychotropic I've tried is amp - with much benefit. AD used for OCD spectrum with secondary depression; they could have been sugar pillss.