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06-05-05, 10:21 AM
:confused: i just so confused... i think taylor might have been diagnosed wrong or maybe is both...not sure. I have been reading up on bipolar. The more i read the more worry i get. taylor was diagnosed about 2 yrs ago maybe a little longer with adhd. Everyone one says hes just all boy or i need to learn how to control him (that one is getting old) its just his age...i think i have heard it all. He has always been the child you keep your eye on. Always been a dare devil and anyone can dare him to do something and he'll do it not thinking what the outcome will be. He is the child you see crying the first day of school or at a schol funtion when his parents have to leave when he was in lower grades dident think much about it but now he is going into the 6th grade.( this is why i hate going to any school funtion) i hate seeing him like this. He's happy one moment and the next hes crying you ask him why and no answer. Has really bad fits i mean if something dont go right take playing the playstation if he looses are his car crashes he throws the control and just turns into someone i dont know.He's very distructed. Takes everything apart i mean everything. He lies and have even caught him taken things that dont belong to him. And when you ask him where he got it from he'll make up a lie. I really feel like a bad parent right now...i feel as if i should have done somehting before now. i could really use some help. does this sound bipolar??? are is my parenting skills. Sorry just feel lost right now. Not i'm i only worried about him..i'm thinking i am did he inherit this form me...i've been dianosed with major depression,panic/anxity attacks. Sorry to babble...if anyone could help i would be very thankful. Thanks a bunch, Tracy

Gil R
08-01-05, 09:03 AM
Maybe you should get him evaluated for Bipolar. See if the doctor
will give you some medicine and maybe it will help.

08-01-05, 09:49 AM
Hi Tracy,

I haven't had the chance to talk to you in a long time. My son's (12) first dx was Aspereger's which quickly was changed to ADHD. After a short period on a stimulant a near miss attempt at hanging himself Depression was added to his dx.

We started to notice he was not developing along with his classmates emotionally. Either very angry, very sad, very happy everything in the extreme and moods changed within seconds. We were constantly on our toes watching his body language to try and stay ahead of his mood swings.

His most recent dx is ADHD/Anxiety/Bi-polar. I know your scared right now and very confused but honestly having a name for what is impairing your childs developement is important. It not only gives you a place to start researching but you will then be able to get the proper medication if needed, school accomodations pretty much by educating yourself your become a strong advocate for your son who learns to advocate for himself thru you and your example.

If Tator is dx'd with bi polar disease take a deep breath and stay calm until you are well out of his sight, then let loose the tears of fear and anger, then suck it up and start researching, learning and remember to balance the bad information with good positive information. Many many many people grow to lead productive, healthy, stable lives when diagnosed young.

My sister dx'd ADD/Anxiety/bi polar is in undergraduate school and passing with flying colors. Because, she knows her disorders from front to back, knows what works and what doesn't that is an important tool and something you can/will pass on to your son.

We're here when you need us,

08-01-05, 09:50 AM
Oh my, there's alot in there! Whew!!

OK, first thing- take a few deep breaths. Then a few more. Relax. As hard as it is today it *will* be OK. Keep that firmly in mind. It *will* be OK. You don't know what the answer is today but it's out there waiting to be found. Taylor won't die from this, nor will his life be ruined. He's got problems. Noting unusuall about that- everybody's got them, and one way or another they get solved.

Secondly- lighten up on yourself. You didn't do anything wrong. If he had been born diabetic or with arm a half inch longer than the other would you be beating yourself up about that? No. You'd say "Well, he's got a problem. Let's something that'll solve it.". Some thing here.

So- have you consulted w/ any professionals about this?

08-04-05, 05:06 PM
hi tracy
i just wanted to let you know that what you posted is exactly what i would of posted about my son. They sound so much alike! My son with the playstation (which he could play all day if you let him) will throw the controller and scream and shake because he is so angry. He will slam his bedroom door and scream at me and my husband. He will argue about everything from getting ready to go somewhere to eating supper. He has to have things his way all the time. He never seems happy about anything never really gets excited. He does get depressed which just started recently where he will call himself stupid or dumb. Which he most certainly is not he is extremely bright. His lack of attention i have found out lately i think it isnt that he cant concentrate i think that it is that he just plain doesnt want to do anything that he doesnt want to do. He is also very attached to me he will not go off and play by himself unless it is playstation. He was dx with adhd/odd but i have done so much research that i believe that my son has bi polar. My son has been on adderrall, concerta (which caused him to be manic) and now he is on straterra and has been for 3 months. The only difference that we have seen in any of the meds is the concerta which caused the mania. giving him the straterra is like giving him a pill filled with air. He has hurt our pets and his siblings when he gets extremely mad he will even kick and hit me and my husband. And when he gets angry (temper tantrum) he can stay mad for a very long time. Tracy i just wanted you to know that I know how you feel. My son sees a phsychiatrist and a phsychologist and a councseler he will start something called wraparound when school starts where they will go to school with him and come to the house after school and work with him. He was just approved for SSI since my husband and I cant afford all of these dr visits, gas and meds. He meets with his new phsychiatrist at the end of sptember so i will post back then to see what he thinks when i talk to him about possibble bi polar. The only difference between your son and mine is that my son is only 5. And just starting school this year. If you want to email sometime we can always chat back and forth if your looking for someone to talk to sometime I know that this wears you out and sometimes you just feel like lossing it all. Im here.

Take care,

09-21-05, 04:03 PM
heres a update.... Taylor is now on concerta we just started it about 4 days ago.He was taking strattera but wasent working. After two weeks we go back to doc. where she will most likley add a mood stabalizer. Then if this dont work we go to the psyc. and see if he is bi polar. I did find out our insurance does cover this which is a big releif. Well will keep yall up to date.


04-22-07, 10:48 PM
I am there with you on your son and those who have posted following yours. My son just turned 5 and I knew he was different than everyone else's child at about 6 months.. thought it was ADHD for so long... only had him recently treated for the ADHD.. but it IS MUCH MUCH more than that. The fits and the rage when things don't go right and according to his world. " you made me mess up" " you want to ruin everything" "that's not the way"... it is has been a heck of a 3 years since it started getting worse about 2 or so.. and the angry rages are so difficult. And then, he is the sweet boy later who will give me a kiss and tell me he loves me. ... but those times are coming fewer and fewer in between and he seems less and less happy.. and more and more irritable these days...

We tried all the stimulant treatments for ADHD to no affect .. going on and coming off were awful.. with fits and emotional upsets.. we have now been on Strattera for about 4 weeks and his psych last week said she wanted to start very slow but add Respidol (sp?).. I filled the prescription but haven't picked it up... I want to cry.. what does this mean for the rest of my son's life..

Has anyone else used respidol and does it work?

04-23-07, 09:54 PM
My son , who is BPD & ADD has used Risperdal. He used it at night to sleep. He responded well, but didn't take it long enough to really see good effects. I did see some calming effects. Unfortuantely , he is a teenager. And we had some harder times ahead of us before we finally got him in to get his BPD dianoses, by then he wasn't taking anything. And he could override the smaller doses of Risperdal in his manic cycle. I have heard good things from others and seen some studies to show it's promising, in younger children who can't always take the Lamictal and other mood stabilizers.
I also take Risperdal at night mostly for Pmdd, but if I am having some issues wiht hypomania it helps me to sleep. They have done quite a few studies showing some promise for Risperdal in children with BPD.

Here are some helpful sites. I use it for my son and for myself. These are not forums, they are medically based sites to research meds/ treatments and offer support, etc. (

If you log into the New England Journal of Medicine, tab 5 there is a section where you can see what the studies are saying about children and Risperdal. The main link is below, if the above doesn't work. (
It's been a long hard road for my 15 year old who was diagnosed wiht ADD & ODD at age 5. He was aggressive, argumentative, destructive and a general pain in everyone's butt including his own..for years. Gosh I love him but man sometimes, I just wanted to pack it in. Thank goodness I got my diagnoses last year, so I could watch him and see he was just like me, and he got his last month. We are still early in the game, with medications, but I see some improvements. He is now on Lamictal and Seroquel. Good luck and let us know how it goes.