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02-10-17, 08:48 AM
Can you please help me as Ive been trying to get my son aged 12 tested for many years. Ive lost count the times Ive been to the G.P and had referrals to CAHMS and each time had a refusal letter without them even seeing my son.
I now feel that the only way is for my son to be tested privately as his behaviour is getting far worse and as a family we are unable to cope any more.
Unfortunately the school won't recognise the fact that there are behavioural issues but absolutely everyone else that my soon meets can see it immediately so I can only guess that its funding issues.
Could anyone recommend where I can get my son tested please (we are in northants but willing to travel) what to expect and the costs involved.
Thank you so much in advance

02-10-17, 10:48 AM
Hi. There are a few psychiatrists that specialise in Birmingham and I know of one in Lincolnshire. There used to be a list. I'll see if I can find it.

Normally an assessment costs 250 or more. Most psychiatrists would give you a diagnosis in this initial assessment as well as a treatment plan. If your gp is willing they can then prescribe the suggested meds.

The assessment usually consists of a thorough interview with your son and probably you as well where his symptoms impairments and entire history sill be discussed in detail. You might also be asked to fill up a questionnaire.

You need a referral from your gp to see a private psychiatrist as well

02-10-17, 10:50 AM

Above is the list though in not sure how updated it is.