View Full Version : Day 3, extremely tired and anxious

02-10-17, 08:03 PM
Hi, I have just recently been diagnosed. I'm 29 and in University with Midterms next week.

My first day was great, though I didn't sleep much.

Day two, I felt pretty tired but I could still do work. Dosed an hour earlier hoping I could sleep better. Slept better, but not great (took a zopiclone).

Today I dosed the same time (6:30) , and felt super tired all morning. Around 10:30 I was trying to study but felt like a total zombie, just staring at my screen. I went back to the doctor and she just said it was 'weird' and to keep dosing over the weekend to see if it improves.

What she doesn't understand is I really can't afford to waste another day being useless.

Has anyone else experienced this? So far I am worse off on it than off it. I'm not sure if I should risk it tomorrow.

02-24-17, 07:08 PM
Been on Concerta for just under a year now. Initially started at 36 mg but also felt really agitated and unable to relax in social situations. Agreed with doc to get it lowered to 27mg which is far more appropriate for me. Also got short-release Ritalin for weekends when I wake up later so as to not disturb my sleep. Make sure you are taking your medication at the correct time, 8AM (NO LATER THAN 9:30 in my experience) and if you don't do so already, try taking AFTER breakfast not before. Other than that I cannot stress enough the importance of an active lifestyle, good diet, and most importantly with this medication GET ENOUGH SLEEP 8 HOURS, NO LESS. TRUST ME, IF YOU TAKE CONCERTA WHEN SLEEP DEPRIVED YOU WILL FEEL LIKE AWFUL. If you do this after a while, this weird feeling that you have should subside after about 2 weeks tops.

02-25-17, 01:23 AM
I hear ya, this has been affecting you for a while.

Overfocused or to serious, your stepping backwards. Rome wasn't built in a day.