View Full Version : Made a physiatrist appointment think i might have add.

02-11-17, 09:46 PM
Hi guys! Just joined the site after reading through some forums here very helfpul stuff.
So i have been reading through here for a while now maybe a bit over a month,after i started stared seeking help online of me spacing out during mid conversations and just in general being in my mind most of the time and not knowing whats going on around me and as im getting olderim 22 now its been really effecting my life in a bad way ive lost jobs because of it . Ive always had my boses telling "pay attention!!" or" open your eyes!!" or "why i have to keep reapiting myself"just remarks like those at first i tought my boss was just an grouchy , but as i kept moving on to different jobs the same case would happen .My coworkers would tell me the boss says im always in my own world that i dont pay attention to what im doing and im just bad employee. And i just want to quit but i cant because i have bills to pay and from what it seems changing jobs isnt gonna change anything this has been in the span of the last 6 years of me working. Im sometimes sorting stuff and before i know it i messed everything up because i zoned out and i have to fix it its really embaressin and thats life at work . And now relationships with friends girlfriends andi have a really hard time keeping a conversation i sometimes just hear but i dont listen sometimes my mind is just blank and i dont know what to same and it becomes awkward. When inwould go on dates samething would happend one time the girl even said if shes boring me witch wasent the case. I get bullied by people at work saying im stupid and stuff like that and use your f***** head . When i was in highscool i would always just draw on my notebooks during class like 70% of my notebook were covered in doodles and the past while in highschool i was diagnosed with anxiety and depression but at the time i thought the wholr thing was dumb n didnt take it serious . But now my life just seems to be going downhill ive distamced myself from everyone and just go to work even. My questions are what do you guys think about what ive been experiencing??? and what do i tell the physiatrist on thr first visit? Ive read on here not to tell em you self diagnosed yourself or something like that? Im rrally nervous but excited because of people saying ot changed theyre life and thats exactly what im hoping happens to me. Thanks again guys im really glad i decided to join this

DJ Bill
02-12-17, 12:36 PM
Welcome to ADDF! .Your story sounds like it could be ADD, or some related condition. However we can't diagnose over the computer. The term ADD has been changed to ADHD (H is for hyperactive) to cover H people, Inattentive people, and people that experience both.

As far as talking to the doctor...don't act like you are just trying to get meds for recreational purposes or occasional needs. Tell him what y0u just told us, with as detsiled accounts of how it affects you nowadays. If you have your report cards from school, bring them along. Perhaps it was mentioned on the teacher comments.

Good luck, in whatever diagnosis you find. Depression can cause ADD like symptoms, and if you are seriously depressed the doc may want to treat that first.

And by the way, use more paragraphs and space between them...Most of us see a wall of text like that and don't want to read it.

The notebook drawing sounds pretty familiar to me... I think I drew on half of my notebook, including both covers, inside and out.

02-12-17, 02:49 PM
Hey thank you so much for tour reply and tips i really appreciate!!
Thats what im kinda of scared of coming off like i just want drugs but thats not the case.
I just want help and be able to function properley
Same here all my notebooks were covered in drawingsand doodles once a teacher reffered me to the counciler but i didnt take it serious again.
But hopefully everything goes well and i get the help i need.what should i excpect on my first visit. And also ive been playing guitar for about 3 years now and i cant seem to every complete a full song i know a bunch of songs but theyre all less than halfway people always point that out. Ive also taken multiple tests on adhd and add and all off then claimed i might have some type of add .and thanks again for the reply! Gotta get back to work

02-12-17, 04:00 PM
I had posted a reply but it doesnt seem like it showed up.
But thank you very much a really appreciate your reply. Yeah i would draw most of the class instead of paying attention and thats how i got rreally good at drawing i bougha tattoo machine but i only used it a few times and never touched it again im not sure why.
Thats what im scared of that them thinking i just want drugs when thats not the case.i have read multiple forums reffering to that.i ended up dropping out of highschool my las year since i had failed so many classes that i wasent gonna gradute worst descison of my life.and either then spacing out during mid conversstion with people i have a hard time soccialising knowing what to say and talking about random things that are just off topic and i just come off as werid and just keeping a conversation going i think this is a reason why i dont have many friends is this a sypmton of add? And ive been playing guitar for 3 years noe and only know like5 complete songs the rest i know is just the beginnng of the song i have a really hard time getting thru the whole thing i justbgetbdistracted doing something elese. Thanks again so for the reply. Glad i joined this never have i thiught i might have add until reading on here most sypmtoms describe all the issues im having in my life and hopefullyni get the help i need to function well and be happy

02-14-17, 03:08 PM
The bottom line is for you to feel better, even if it isnt adhd. Just be honest and open minded. If you already have the adhd thing in mind you may be unwilling to consider anything else.

02-23-17, 10:38 PM
Hey thanks for the reply. I was prescribed effexor for depression and so far nothing seems to have changed except for some really bad side effects but maybe it just needa time to work.