View Full Version : the illusion of being together

02-13-17, 04:13 AM
I admitted to this to my part time gf, even though I was thinking of work. Strange how a couple of words can make everything fall apart. How much energy this costs me to be there, present, and maintaining the illusion of being there. I cannot quite consent to the premises of how relationships are created. And yet it is much better than it used to be. I suspect the bigger issue is not being really connected to what I want to do, what do the mindset gurus call it? - connected to your purpose. For the last few years I have been desiring to be open to financial competence, and open to my purpose, and open to some connection between the two I cannot see. In the meantime? the illusion of being together. I know and sometimes practice the principles of a life well lived. Not very consistently it seems, and so go the results. Sorry if there is no transcendence to this post.

02-15-17, 05:44 AM
Can I be your full time girlfriend? ;)